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Dear author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write one of these amazing fandoms! I love each and every one of them, so whichever you end up writing, I absolutely can't wait to read your story.

I'm not the most active person in any fandom, so I've put together a few notes in general and on each fandom to help you get some ideas, which I hope is useful to you :D My AO3 name, for reference, is also mk_tortie.

In General

There are a few things I love to see in fic: genfic, plot! Plot! Plot!, character development, before/after the canon stories, alternative endings/au diversions, canon ships/friendships, friendship fic, plotty character development (did I mention I like plot?), hurt/comfort (more in terms of physical hurt/torture/injury/abuse than purely psychological hurt or sickness), crossovers (with any of: Avengers movies, Buffy, Firefly, LotR, Doctor Who, HP, Sherlock, Stargate SG:1, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars episode I-III, Discworld (City Watch or Witches)), dark!fic (permanent injuries mentally/physically, torture, Stockholm syndrome, dystopias, violence... ideally paired with hurt/comfort or with a not-completely-sad ending (ie bittersweet or happy ending rather than 'everything's still terrible'!)

There are some things I wouldn't really want: surprise!ships (i.e. non-canon ships/friendships/enemies in a story with no justification, explanation or background), fluff!fic (ie, a little fluff is fine, but if that's all the fic is I would be a little disappointed!), sex scenes/porn (but I'm OK with fade-to-black), ooc-ness/crack, crossovers with canons I don't know, PWPs, gender-bending, total AUs (eg hipster AU, high school AU, coffee shop AU...), any character bashing.

Things I'm ambivalent about: holiday stories - I'm not against these, but I'm not interested in fluff with no plot, so a holiday story would have to be a story-taking-place-on-a-holiday rather than just characters doing happy Christmas things for the sake of it!

FYI, if the plotbunny that strikes you ends up not really involving one of my requested characters, that’s fine – for the most part, I don’t mind if not all my requested characters end up in the final fic, unless I’ve really made it clear that a character is my favourite!


Persona 3

Characters requested: Sanada Akihiko, Protagonist – Female, Kirijo Mitsuru

Signup details: I would love to see any story that builds on the relationships between the female protagonist, Akihiko, and Mitsuru. This can flesh out their back stories, or just build on their relationship as it is in the end game and post-game. It could be ship fic or gen, I don’t mind either way – I ship all combinations of my requested characters except OT3! I’d also love to see cameos from Yukari and Junpei, as they’re my other favourite characters. I’d especially like a fic that combines facing danger of some kind together, alongside some more introspective relationship building moments. You’re welcome to either pick an (appropriate) Japanese name for the protagonist or write in first person to avoid it – up to you! Also, I’m a big fan of Persona 4 as well, so if you feel like writing a crossover or bringing in Persona 4 characters in some way, go for it!

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I really, really loved the fact that I could play as a female character in this game – I’ve played as both protagonists but I really like the female character’s interactions and relationships, especially with Akihiko and Mitsuru. I love having a female character be a respected leader – both Mitsuru and the protagonist. I also find Mitsuru and Akihiko’s past to be really interesting, and I’d love to see this elaborated on in some way. The game’s combination of creating deep friendships and then fighting together and developing a huge amount of trust in each other is what I love the most about it, and I’d love to see a story set towards the end-game or post-game as a result (ie, preferably no character death at the end of the game!).

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other characters, any kind of crossover with Persona 4 (or just Persona 4 characters making an appearance), female protagonist/Akihiko, female protagonist/Mitsuru, Akihiko/Mitsuru, Yukari/Junpei

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: OT3 fic, miscommunications leading to awkwardness (I get major embarrassment squick from this, it’s just not a trope I enjoy!), any other ships, character bashing of any of the characters, prominent featuring of Aigis or Ken (I don’t want to see them bashed but I also don’t find them terribly interesting!).

This Ain’t California

Characters requested: Denis “Panik” Paraceck, Dirk, Nico, Hexe

Signup details: I really like how the film explores the relationships between the characters, and I’d love to see that fleshed out a little more – so some more events from the time living in Berlin or some more of what happened in Prague would be really interesting! I also ship both Denis/Nico (although here I’m more interested in pre-slash, or interest on Nico’s part that never quite makes it to fulfillment) and Denis/Hexe, and I’d love to see those relationships in focus. Equally, I’d be interested in seeing what really happened to each of the characters, including Denis, after the fall of the Wall – where were they between 1990 and 2012? How did Denis really end up in Afghanistan? Why did the rest of the them drift apart? Alternatively I’d love to see other snippets from Denis, Dirk, and Nico’s childhood.

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I really love the concept of this film, taking something that was a real event but that doesn’t have much in the way of documentary evidence, and creating a “documentary” with some fictional, some real characters to tell the story. I was lucky enough to meet the director and ask him about this, and he said that Denis in particular was not so much an invented person as the combination of three different people’s real stories. What I really like about the film is the way it really gets into the heads of the main characters, both in the 70s/80s and in the present day – except Denis/Panik, who remains somewhat of a mystery, even to his closest friends.

Fandom-specific things I would love: switching between the present day and the past, like in the film; focus on Denis and Nico’s relationship and/or Denis/Hexe’s relationship; skating specific events; references to the Super 8 camera; references to the west German skaters

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: I’m not interested in any kind of PWP here – I really want to see more of the scenes that get skipped over in the film, since it hints at so much more going on than we actually see, and the relationships are part of that, but I’m not super interested in whether they actually get together in the story, just about how they relate to each other! So total gen/friendship fic is absolutely fine too.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV)

Characters requested: Salem, Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda

Signup details: I’d love to see Salem and Sabrina in some kind of scrape that they have to try and get out of, either without the aunts knowing or with the aunts ending up having to step in a help. Alternatively I’d love to see the other side of Sabrina getting into some kind of issue at school – as in, Salem, Zelda and Hilda’s interactions ‘behind the scenes’ of one of the episodes, because I find Salem’s relationship and interactions with the aunts hilarious as well. A story that involves events in the magical realm as well as the non magical world would be great too, and I’m totally happy for there to be cameos from other characters – Sabrina’s friends or Drell, for example.

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I’ve loved this show since I was a kid, and every so often I go back and marathon a bunch of episodes just for the nostalgia factor. My favourite parts of it are the high school seasons, so I’d prefer a fic set then! Salem is my absolute favourite character – I love his one liners and his weird noises, and the crazy situations he ends up in, and I also love his ‘partners in crime’ relationship with Sabrina – especially when she ends up having to hide situations she’s got into with him from Harvey, Jenny or Valerie, or her aunts. I also love the relationship between Hilda and Zelda – the snippets of stories from their past, and their love-hate way of dealing with each other. Plus I think they’re really great with Sabrina.

Fandom-specific things I would love: Salem’s jokes/sarcasm, mentions of Sabrina’s outfit changes, Hilda and Zelda sniping at each other affectionately, Sabrina and Salem being a team

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: Salem getting re-humanised (if that’s a word!!), anything shippy (no aunt!cest please!),


Journey (Video Game 2012)

Characters requested: None

Signup details: I’m really interested in worldbuilding for Journey – I’d love to see something that fleshed out the world’s past, the civilization that once was or what happened to it. How did it go from the bustling world we saw to the world of the game? Where did the Guardians come from? Who are the ancestors? How did the player characters end up on their journeys? What is the significance of the mountain, the tunnels, or the ruins? Were there once children?

Why I love this fandom and these characters: This game is absolutely the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. I love the way the characters interact in game – the anonymous, wordless interaction with another player, where you’re trying to help each other and explain things and show parts of the world to someone without being able to talk to them. Plus I find the Journey world endlessly fascinating – the ancestors, the quest the characters on, the cyclical nature of the Journey. I’m also really interested in the implied history of the world – the ruins, the murals, the flashes of information about a dead civilization that seemingly the player characters came from.

Fandom-specific things I would love: I’d love the magic of the game to be somehow evoked – the musical communication, the wordless relationship that is built between two people, the joy of unraveling the mysteries of the world. Plus I’d really like to see more of the Ancestors.

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: I’m not interested in any kind of romance here, but other than that, I just want to see more of the Journey world, so anything that strikes your imagination about it would be wonderful!


So, thanks again, lovely Yulegoat, and I hope my requests haven't scared you off altogether! Definitely take everything I've written here as a suggestion to start off your creative process, not anything prescriptive at all - if you get an awesome idea when reading this, but it doesn't totally match any particular prompt, then go for it. I'm sure I will love it :D If anything here is really confusing, or you want to know more about my preferences that I've missed/forgotten here, then totally feel free to get in touch via the mods or through commenting anonymously here. I am really looking forward to reading your story, and I know if you love any one of these fandoms you must be an awesome person, so I'm really happy we were matched!

Good luck, and happy Yuletide,


P.S.: I have anonymous commenting enabled, and IP logging disabled, so if you'd like to ask me about my letter or need to know more from me, you are very welcome to ask here!


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