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Dear author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write one of these amazing fandoms! I love each and every one of them, so whichever you end up writing, I absolutely can't wait to read your story.

I'm not the most active person in any fandom, so I've put together a few notes in general and on each fandom to help you get some ideas, which I hope is useful to you :D My AO3 name, for reference, is also mk_tortie.

All the specific prompts I've given for each fandom are just ideas - if you're inspired to write something else, go for it!

In General

There are a few things I love to see in fic:
- casefic
- plot-focused stories
- before/after the canon stories
- alternative endings/au diversions
- time travel
- travel to an alternate universe version of the canon universe
- fix it fic
- canon ships/friendships and friendship fic
- realisations of desire or romantic explorations, explorations of characters realising they're 'more than friends'
- hurt/comfort (overcoming ailments to come out on top, painful confessions, stronger/leader character needing to be helped)
- everyone thinks a friend is dead but then they're not
- crossovers (between the fandms I've requested, or with any of: Buffy, Firefly, LotR, Stargate SG:1, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars episode I-III, Discworld (City Watch), Persona 3 or 4)
- dark!fic (permanent injuries mentally/physically, torture, Stockholm syndrome, dystopias, violence... ideally paired with hurt/comfort or with a not-completely-sad ending (ie bittersweet or happy ending rather than 'everything's still terrible'!). In general, an R rating for violence/dark elements is fine.

There are some things I wouldn't really want:
- surprise!ships (i.e. non-canon ships/friendships/enemies in a story with no justification, explanation or background - non-canon ships are generally fine if they have some exposition or explanation though!)
- fluff!fic (ie, a little fluff is fine, but if that's all the fic is I would be a little disappointed!)
- sex scenes/porn as a major focus in the story (long sex scenes are just not my cup of tea)
- ooc-ness/crack
- crossovers with canons I don't know
- PWPs
- gender-bending (except when it's canon)
- total AUs (eg hipster AU, high school AU, coffee shop AU...)
- any character bashing
- first or second person narrator (although switching from third to first/second for parts of the story is fine, just no first/second for the entire story please!)

Things I'm ambivalent about: holiday stories - I'm not against these, but I'm not interested in fluff with no plot, so a holiday story would have to be a story-taking-place-on-a-holiday rather than just characters doing happy holiday things for the sake of it!

FYI, if the plotbunny that strikes you ends up not really involving one of my requested characters, that’s fine – for the most part, I don’t mind if not all my requested characters end up in the final fic, unless I’ve really made it clear that a character is my favourite!


Persona 3

Characters requested: Sanada Akihiko, Protagonist – Female, Kirijo Mitsuru, Aragaki Shinjiro

Signup details: I would love to see any story that builds on the relationships between the female protagonist, Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Mitsuru. This can flesh out their back stories, or just build on their relationship as it is in the end game and post-game. It could be ship fic or gen, I don’t mind either way – I ship all combinations of my requested characters including OT3 and OT4! While my prompts involve suggestions for incorporating ships, I read shipfic and gen in equal measure and really don't mind at all if you'd rather write the gen version of a prompt rather than include ships - I would be equally happy with either. I’d also love to see cameos from any of the other nominated characters, particularly Yukari and Koromaru. You’re welcome to either call the protagonist Minako, or find a way to avoid naming her altogether – up to you! Also, I’m a big fan of Persona 4 as well, so if you feel like writing a crossover or bringing in Persona 4 characters in some way, go for it! I've played Persona Q (see below) but not Persona 4 Arena or Arena Ultimaxx. Oh, and the version of P3 I played was P3P :)

Some prompts/ideas:
- If you're writing shipfic, I'd love to see a fic dealing with an established Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro OT3 which the female protagonist then gets drawn into, maybe through developing an individual relationship with each character in all their messed-up-ness beyond what we see in the social links, and then gradually getting drawn into the relationship between all three. Seeing some Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro backstory could be fun here too. I'm not so interested in porn, more the relationship dynamics that seem to go beyond just friendship between them all in all sorts of ways. I’d especially like a fic that combines facing danger of some kind together, alongside some more introspective relationship building moments.
- I know it's been done, but I love time travel fix-it fic and really can never get enough of it. Anything which gets the protagonist out of having to be the Seal/dying would be excellent - equally, ground-hog day style stories always make me happy in this fandom. Maybe she ends up in a relationship with Mitsuru on one go through, with Shinjiro on the next, with Akihiko and Mitsuru the next time... (Or keeps getting drawn to the same person each time) and at some point can't take repeating it anymore and confesses what's happening to one of them, only to then have to start from the beginning again. Any kind of hurt-comfort scene in this scenario would be amazing as well!
- Any pre- or post-game story focusing on Shinjiro and Akihiko, particularly with Shinjiro coming to terms with himself more than in the game. Maybe he could be helped to realisations about himself through his relationships with the other characters, perhaps through getting through some challenge together that forced him to rethink some things. Any scenario in which Shinjiro survives post-game would be wonderful! I'd also love to see something that explores Shinjiro and Akihiko's childhood - it's hinted that they grew up in an orphanage, but it would be great to see that fleshed out! (Particularly with some hurt/comfort thrown in would be awesome - and you can ship them or leave it gen, I don't mind). When did they meet Mitsuru, and how did they get to know her? (For any of these prompts, feel free to not include the protagonist if you're focusing entirely on the pre-game era - although if you can find a way to work her in somehow, that would also be great!)
- any kind of relationship building between any of my nominated characters would be great in general - I love seeing the Persona characters get to know each other better, the social links are one of my favourite parts of the game!

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I really, really loved the fact that I could play as a female character in this game – I’ve played as both protagonists but I really like the female character’s interactions and relationships, especially with Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Mitsuru. I love having a female character be a respected leader –
both Mitsuru and the protagonist. I also find Mitsuru, Shinjiro, and Akihiko’s past to be really interesting, and I’d love to see this elaborated on in some way. The game’s combination of creating deep friendships and then fighting together and developing a huge amount of trust in each other is what I love the most about it, and I’d love to see a story set towards the end-game or post-game as a result (ie, preferably no character death at the end of the game!).

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other characters, particularly Koromaru and Yukari, any kind of crossover with Persona 4 (or just Persona 4 characters making a cameo appearance), gameplay elements (such as social link level ups or the battle system) incorporated into the story somehow.

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: miscommunications leading to awkwardness (I get major embarrassment squick from this, it’s just not a trope I enjoy!), character bashing of any of the characters, jealousy as a major component of the story, OT3 or OT4 fic focusing solely or primarily on domestic life/arrangements


Persona Q

Characters requested: Zen and Rei

Signup details: First off, I have played the game all the way through from the Persona 4 side and then repeated the beginning with the Persona 3 characters, but if anything happens later in the game that's different if you play starting with the P3 characters I don't mind being spoiled - I just wanted to note it in case my requests seem contradictory to something in the game in that respect!

Some prompts:
- fix it fic - I would love a happier ending for Zen and Rei! I found myself really wishing she could somehow be saved from death at the end of the game. On a really grand scale, this could involve the other characters finding a way back into the alternate universe to rescue her/them, or on a smaller scale, Zen managing to make things end differently. I'd also love to see Rei getting some of what she truly desired - friends, a family, school.
- Zen and Rei before everyone else shows up. What did they do in the labyrinths before they met the P3 and P4 groups? I'd love to see them getting to know each other - maybe a story switching perspectives could be fun here!
- Rei's life before her death and Zen's life before he meets her - maybe an AU where they meet in a less tragic way, and yet still form a relationship/Zen still finds his humanity? Or some way of making Rei's life less hopeless. I'm a sucker for time travel fics, so some scenario in which Zen and/or any of the other characters in the game find a way to go back in time and make Rei's actual life happier, even if they couldn't save her from death, would be amazing!
- Zen leads Rei to the afterlife - what happens there? Rei helping Zen in some way rather than Zen helping Rei - Rei finds her true purpose in death rather than in life somehow. Maybe even Rei as a ghost for Zen and/or the other characters?

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I played P3P, and then P4G, and after the tiny crossover between the two in the latter, I really loved the idea of crossing over the two games. So when Persona Q came out, I was super excited to get a chance to play an official crossover between the two worlds! I really love the character exploration in the game, especially the way we get the little extra insights into their personalities. Plus I loved Zen and Rei as new characters, particularly Zen and his storyline of discovering himself beyond his assigned role in the universe as Chronos. I really like that idea of finding his humanity.

Fandom-specific things I would love: miracles for Rei, appearances from any of the other characters in the game, mentions of Rei's love of food, Zen learning more about feelings, Zen experiencing the 'real world', time travel, fix it fic, hurt/comfort for Rei's earlier life.

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: shipfic - I don't ship Zen and Rei together or with anyone else. I don't mind if there are background ships though - I generally read pretty much any P3 ships (just no Ken ships unless he's aged up) as well as P4 protagonist with either Yosuke, Yukiko, or Rise, Kanji/Naoto, Chie/Yosuke, Chie/Yukiko - so including any of those in the background would be fine! Really the only characters I'd prefer not to see in any kind of ship are Ken, Koromaru, Aigis, or Teddy.


Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Characters requested: Nanami Chiaki

Signup details: Chiaki was absolutely my favourite character in the game (followed by Hajime and Sonia, so you're very welcome to include them too if you want!). Also, cameos from any other characters from this game or even from the first one would be great! I would absolutely be happy to see appearances from Junko and Monokuma as the villains, too, or Monomi, especially since the latter has a close relationship with Chiaki.

Some prompts:
- I would generally love to know more about her story - if she was initially created before the Ultimate Despair even existed, what has she seen? At what point did she become fully or partially conscious of what was happening in the world? Does she know she's an AI all the time? If so, to what extent does she think like a computer versus like a human being? How much of her remains after she is executed?
- I really like her strength as a person to stand up for the truth - does she end up battling Junko in some other way not visible to the island's residents, within the computer system? Is she able to communicate with the members of the Future Foundation once Monokuma has taken over the island?
- I also really enjoyed the dynamic between her and Hajime, and I'd be happy to see a story that gives them more time together to develop a relationship - especially if Hajime is somehow able to resurrect/save Chiaki on his return to the island! Equally, a story that gives Chiaki a fix-it ending without any ship would be awesome - I would love it if you could undo her 'death' somehow/find a way to give her a life in the real world.

Why I love this fandom and these characters: I really fell in love with Chiaki as a character in this game. I really like how nice she is - I found her weird ambiguity about saying positive things oddly endearing, and her naïveté about how the world works is cute. Especially in the beginning part of the game, when I didn't know that everyone was an AI version of themselves, she seemed like the only one other than Hajime who is not a bit of a bizarre caricature - even though those caricatures totally made more sense as the plot unfolded! I also really like the 'silliness' of the game - especially in the case of Monomi/Usami and the 'bad guys', Monokuma and Junko. It means that you never quite know what will happen next, which I really enjoyed!

Fandom-specific things I would love: Chiaki referencing other video games, anything exploring a little more that everyone is actually inside a computer simulation for the entire game, references to the Future Foundation (since I felt this was left pretty open-ended/unexplored in the game itself), appearances from Hajime, Sonia, Junko, and/or Akane

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: major appearances from Hiyoko or Mikan, a ship fic for Hajime/Chiaki that doesn't also explore some of the game's open questions


So, thanks again, and I hope my requests haven't scared you off altogether! Definitely take everything I've written here as a suggestion to start off your creative process, not anything prescriptive at all - if you get an awesome idea when reading this, but it doesn't match any particular prompt, then go for it. I'm sure I will love it :D If anything here is really confusing, or you want to know more about my preferences that I've missed/forgotten here, then totally feel free to get in touch via the mods or through commenting anonymously here. I am really looking forward to reading your story, and I know if you love any one of these fandoms you must be an awesome person, so I'm really happy we were matched!

Good luck, and happy Yuletide,


P.S.: I have anonymous commenting enabled, and IP logging disabled, so if you'd like to ask me about my letter or need to know more from me, you are very welcome to ask here!
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