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Dear author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write one of these amazing fandoms! I love each and every one of them, so whichever you end up writing, I absolutely can't wait to read your story.

I'm not the most active person in any fandom, so I've put together a few notes in general and on each fandom to help you get some ideas, which I hope is useful to you :D My AO3 name, for reference, is also mk_tortie.

All the specific prompts I've given for each fandom are just ideas - if you're inspired to write something else, go for it!

In General

There are a few things I love to see in fic:
- casefic
- plot-focused stories
- before/after the canon stories
- alternative endings/au diversions
- time travel
- travel to an alternate universe version of the canon universe
- fix it fic
- canon ships/friendships and friendship fic
- realisations of desire or romantic explorations, explorations of characters realising they're 'more than friends'
- hurt/comfort (overcoming ailments to come out on top, painful confessions, stronger/leader character needing to be helped)
- everyone thinks a friend is dead but then they're not
- crossovers (between the fandms I've requested, or with any of: Buffy, Firefly, LotR, Stargate SG:1, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars episode I-III or VII, Discworld (City Watch))
- dark!fic (permanent injuries mentally/physically, torture, Stockholm syndrome, dystopias, violence... ideally paired with hurt/comfort or with a not-completely-sad ending (ie bittersweet or happy ending rather than 'everything's still terrible'!). In general, an R rating for violence/dark elements is fine.

There are some things I wouldn't really want:
- ships other than those requested
- fluff!fic (ie, a little fluff is fine, but if that's all the fic is I would be a little disappointed!)
- PWP or sex scenes/porn as a major focus in the story (long sex scenes are just not my cup of tea)
- crack
- crossovers with canons I don't know
- gender-bending (except when it's canon)
- total AUs (eg hipster AU, high school AU, coffee shop AU...)
- any character bashing
- first or second person narrator (although switching from third to first/second for parts of the story is fine, just no first/second for the entire story please!)


Star Wars

Warning: spoilers for The Force Awakens in the prompts!

Prompts by pairing:

Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon - this is one of my oldest ships, but I also love reading about them having adventures together in a non-shippy fashion! I'd love to see them on a mission together (with Obi-Wan as an older Padawan, please, not as a younger teen) and bonding over narrowly escaping danger - either deepening their friendship or beginning their romance. H/c would also be wonderful, particularly with one of them being stoic and trying to pretend they're not really hurt, but eventually having to admit it. Alternatively any kind of fix-it or AU where Qui-Gon doesn't die would be awesome. Equally, a reunion in the afterlife once Obi-Wan dies would also be amazing!
Rey & Han - I really wish we'd seen more of them together in the movie, and I would love to see them bonding somehow. I really like the idea of Han as found family for Rey, or even Han as Rey's secret father (although I also like the idea of Rey being somehow related to Obi-Wan). In any case, anything with them working together - maybe a moment together that we didn't see, or an AU where Han doesn't die so they get a chance to get to know each other better, or just a back-and-forth about mechanics and ships - anything would be awesome.
Rey & Finn - I love their friendship, and I'd really like to see them helping each other adapt to the Galaxy - Rey's just got off Jakku, and Finn has just escaped the stormtroopers, so presumably there's a lot they both don't know or have never experienced before, but different things so they can help each other out. I'd also like to see Rey coming to Finn after finding Luke, and him helping her process what she's learned - feel free to make up whatever you'd like in terms of what has happened there!

Fandom-specific things I would love: Rey as somehow related to Obi-Wan, Finn and Rey as both strong in the force, lightsaber battles or spaceship races, h/c

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: any of the characters turning to the Dark Side, unreciprocated love between any of these pairings


80 Days

I've played almost every route, including the ones released in the latest major update!

Prompts by pairing:

Passepartout/Jokinen - I love 80 Days, but I was never too bothered about having Passepartout romance someone.... until this ship. There's something about it that I just adore, and so I would love any expansion on what we see in canon: a private moment between the two, or what if Passepartout really did leave Fogg to be with Jokinen, or went to find him again after their (successful or unsuccessful) return to London? Maybe Passepartout ends up having a new adventure, just trying to track him down? (Or vice versa - I don't mind if the story ends up focusing on one of them more than the other as a result!). What if they meet again in random places around the world, along Passepartout's journey with Fogg or afterwards? (I can see how a Five Times... fic could work here!). Or even a time loop story where Passepartout keeps searching for/encountering Jokinen on his various journeys with Fogg!

Fandom-specific things I would love: IF (if you're feeling super adventurous! I am in no way expecting this, obviously), canon-style writing or Passepartout considering his options in the same way canon gives you different options

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: Passepartout/Fogg or any other ships, Passepartout abandoning Fogg without his blessing (I tend to play Passepartout as caring strongly for Fogg in a non-romantic way)


Persona Series

I've played P3P, P4G, and Persona Q, but not the Arena games or Dancing All Night! I don't mind cameo appearances from other characters alongside the main ship :)

Prompts by pairing:

Aragaki Shinjiro/Arisato Minako/Kirijo Mitsuru/Sanada Akihiko - I love these four together, and I really would love anything at all for them: how they realised they all care for each other, or them all getting caught up in something dangerous in Tartarus and having to work together to get out of it and realising their feelings along the way/afterwards, or some OT4 h/c, or their lives post-game (feel free to hand wave the ending!) - maybe their individual struggles adapting to normal life, and helping each other through it?
Arisato Minako/Hasegawa Saori - Any exploration of Minako and Saori falling for each other and working out their feelings would be lovely - either during their time at school together or maybe by letters or emails afterwards? I love the idea of them being kind of mutually awkward about it but circumstances pushing them together anyway, or maybe one of them taking the initiative (probably Minako!) and initiating a date... Or more?...
Arisato Minako/Persona 4 Protagonist - I don't mind if you call the P4 protagonist Yu or Souji! I would love to see them meeting somehow and bonding over their experiences as wild cards and leaders - you can either hand wave Minako being the seal or do something with time travel or come up with some mystical way for them to meet (in a dream? In the afterlife? In the Velvet Room?). Emotional or physical h/c would also be lovely here - Minako helping Yu/Souji at a tough point, or Yu/Souji comforting Minako because her friends think she's dead, or something along those lines.
Amagi Yukiko/Arisato Minako - I feel like Yukiko and Minako would understand each other really well, somehow, and I would love any scenario that gets them together. An AU where one transfers to the other's school, or just a quiet moment of bonding or stargazing or Minako helping Yukiko deal with the pressures of running the inn... Anything, really!
Sanada Akihiko/Satonaka Chie - I'd love to see them both working as cops and getting to know each other, or bonding over beef bowls, or meeting at the gym and getting ridiculously competitive over silly things. It would be lovely if they meet completely normally and their relationship goes from friends with UST to romance through realising they both have personas!

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other characters, particularly Koromaru and Yukari, gameplay elements (such as social link level ups or the battle system) incorporated into the story somehow.

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: miscommunications leading to awkwardness (I get major embarrassment squick from this, it’s just not a trope I enjoy!), character bashing of any of the characters, jealousy as a major component of the story, OT3 or OT4 fic focusing solely or primarily on domestic life (like cooking, buying groceries, etc)


So, thanks again, and I hope my requests haven't scared you off altogether! Definitely take everything I've written here as a suggestion to start off your creative process, not anything prescriptive at all - if you get an awesome idea when reading this, but it doesn't match any particular prompt, then go for it. I'm sure I will love it :D If anything here is really confusing, or you want to know more about my preferences that I've missed/forgotten here, then totally feel free to get in touch via the mod or through commenting anonymously here. I am really looking forward to reading your story, and I know if you love any one of these fandoms you must be an awesome person, so I'm really happy we were matched!

Good luck, and happy writing!


P.S.: I have anonymous commenting enabled, and IP logging disabled, so if you'd like to ask me about my letter or need to know more from me, you are very welcome to ask here!
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