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Dear author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write one of these amazing fandoms! I love each and every one of them, so whichever you end up writing, I absolutely can't wait to read your story.

I'm not the most active person in any fandom, so I've put together a few notes in general and on each fandom to help you get some ideas, which I hope is useful to you :D My AO3 name, for reference, is also mk_tortie.

All the specific prompts I've given for each fandom are just ideas - if you're inspired to write something else, go for it! Also, I know my likes tend towards the plot-heavy, which is hard to do in a smaller word-count - feel free to write moments or snippets that imply a larger plot, or missing scenes from/post-canon :)

In General

There are a few things I love to see in fic:
- casefic
- plot-focused stories
- before/after the canon stories
- alternative endings/au diversions
- time travel
- travel to an alternate universe version of the canon universe
- fix it fic
- canon ships/friendships and friendship fic
- realisations of desire or romantic explorations, explorations of characters realising they're 'more than friends'
- hurt/comfort (overcoming ailments to come out on top, painful confessions, stronger/leader character needing to be helped)
- everyone thinks a friend is dead but then they're not
- crossovers (between the fandms I've requested, or with any of: Buffy, Firefly, LotR, Stargate SG:1, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars episode I-III or VII, Discworld (City Watch), Persona 3)
- dark!fic (permanent injuries mentally/physically, torture, Stockholm syndrome, dystopias, violence... ideally paired with hurt/comfort or with a not-completely-sad ending (ie bittersweet or happy ending rather than 'everything's still terrible'!). In general, an R rating for violence/dark elements is fine.

There are some things I wouldn't really want:
- ships other than those discussed in this letter
- fluff!fic (ie, a little fluff is fine, but if that's all the fic is I would be a little disappointed!)
- PWP or sex scenes/porn as a major focus in the story (long sex scenes are just not my cup of tea)
- crack
- crossovers with canons I don't know
- gender-bending (except when it's canon)
- total AUs (eg hipster AU, high school AU, coffee shop AU...)
- any character bashing
- first or second person narrator except where it's canon (although switching from third to first/second for parts of the story is fine, just no first/second for the entire story please!)


Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Requested characters: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Relationship/Medium: Trick or Treat, Fanfiction

Some prompts:
I definitely ship Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, but I'm totally happy for either shipfic or gen here - whichever you'd prefer to write. Either way, what I really love about these characters is the complicated relationship between them, particularly since it's left so unresolved in canon. What I'd really like to see here is a fix-it of some kind - maybe through time travel, through meeting in the afterlife after Obi-Wan's death, through Qui-Gon coming back as a Force ghost while Obi-Wan is training Anakin, or even through Qui-Gon not dying at all (maybe he just gets injured instead?). Perhaps even Obi-Wan getting stuck in a time-loop around the events on Naboo and the pair of them working through their feelings for each other (either as friends or as lovers) as a result of Obi-Wan trying to save Qui-Gon over and over! Basically, I'd really like them both to get some closure, one way or another. You can totally throw in a whole lot of angst here, so long as there's ultimately a happy (or at least bittersweet) ending!

Fandom-specific things I would love: lightsaber battles or spaceship races, h/c, time travel or time loops

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: any of the characters turning to the Dark Side, unreciprocated love, Anakin as a spoiled brat


Love Live! School Idol Project

I've watched all of Love Live! including the movie, and I've also read all of the Main Story in the iOS game.

Requested characters: Ayase Eli, Kousaka Honoka

Relationship/Medium: Trick or Treat, Fanfiction

Some prompts:
Again, I really don't mind if you go for ship or gen here. I would just love to see more of Eli and Honoka's relationship - I really loved the moment in the final episode of the first season when Eli reminds Honoka of how much she's helped her and helps Honoka decide to apologise to Umi and to go and find Kotori - I felt like that was really emblematic of their relationship. I'd love to see them in a situation where they both recognise how much they respect and help each other, or having to team up to solve a problem together. This could be during their time at school or afterwards, I don't mind! (Although it could be fun to see them re-encountering each other as adults and helping each other then, and rekindling their friendship/something more...)

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other girls (particularly Hanayo or Kotori!), references to specific Japanese traditions or places

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: PWP, lots of "screen time" for Nico or Rin


Persona 4

I've played P4G and Persona Q, but not the Arena games or Dancing All Night! I don't mind cameo appearances from other characters alongside those requested here :) Also, I don't mind if you call the protagonist Yu or Souji!

Requested characters: Amagi Yukiko

Relationship/Medium: Trick or Treat, Fanfiction

Some prompts:
I really love Yukiko as a character, especially because it's so obvious that she has a lot of hidden depths. I requested just Yukiko because I'd be happy to see any one of a bunch of different stories, either gen or shipfic:
- I ship Yukiko with various different people (Yukiko/the protagonist, Yukiko/Chie, Yukiko/Rise, Yukiko/Chie/Rise/Naoto) so if you'd like to include any of those, go for it!
- I'd love to see Yukiko's childhood pre-game, or her adult life post-game - or maybe even a story that takes moments from before, during, and after the game to explore her growth! I'd love to see how her experiences in the TV world and her friendship with the protagonist affect her choices in life and her personality
- alternatively, I'd love to see Yukiko showing her fierce side and helping (or rescuing!) one of her friends in a dangerous situation - either gen or with a side of ship!

Fandom-specific things I would love: gameplay elements (such as social link level ups or the battle system) incorporated into the story somehow, cameos from Kanji/Yosuke/Chie/Rise/Naoto/the protagonist

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: miscommunications leading to awkwardness (I get major embarrassment squick from this, it’s just not a trope I enjoy!), character bashing of any of the characters, jealousy as a major component of the story, curtain!fic, heavy focus on Teddie


So, thanks again, and I hope my requests haven't scared you off altogether! Definitely take everything I've written here as a suggestion to start off your creative process, not anything prescriptive at all - if you get an awesome idea when reading this, but it doesn't match any particular prompt, then go for it. I'm sure I will love it :D If anything here is really confusing, or you want to know more about my preferences that I've missed/forgotten here, then totally feel free to get in touch via the mod or through commenting anonymously here. I am really looking forward to reading your story, and I know if you love any one of these fandoms you must be an awesome person, so I'm really happy we were matched!

Good luck, and happy writing!


P.S.: I have anonymous commenting enabled, and IP logging disabled, so if you'd like to ask me about my letter or need to know more from me, you are very welcome to ask here!
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