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Dear author,

First of all, thank you so much for offering to write one of these amazing fandoms! I love each and every one of them, so whichever you end up writing, I absolutely can't wait to read your story.

I'm not the most active person in any fandom, so I've put together a few notes in general and on each fandom to help you get some ideas, which I hope is useful to you :D My AO3 name, for reference, is also mk_tortie.

All the specific prompts I've given for each fandom are just ideas - if you're inspired to write something else, go for it! Also, some of the fandom sections are longer than others, but I love each of these fandoms equally and would be ecstatic to receive fic in any of them :D

A quick spoiler warning: the final fandom I'm requesting is Dangan Ronpa 3, and there may be spoilers in my prompts! I put it last so you can easily avoid it if necessary :)

In General

There are a few things I love to see in fic:
- casefic
- plot-focused stories
- before/after the canon stories
- alternative endings/au diversions
- time travel/time loops
- travel to an alternate universe version of the canon universe
- fix it fic
- canon ships/friendships and friendship fic
- realisations of desire or romantic explorations, explorations of characters realising they're 'more than friends'
- hurt/comfort (overcoming ailments to come out on top, painful confessions, stronger/leader character needing to be helped)
- everyone thinks a friend is dead but then they're not
- crossovers (between the fandoms I've requested, or with any of: Buffy, Firefly, LotR, Stargate SG:1, Star Trek: TNG, Star Wars episode I-III, Discworld (City Watch), Persona 3 or 4)
- dark!fic (permanent injuries mentally/physically, torture, Stockholm syndrome, dystopias, violence... ideally paired with hurt/comfort or with a not-completely-sad ending (ie bittersweet or happy ending rather than 'everything's still terrible'!). Feel free to go as dark as you want!
- long stories (I'm not one of those people who only reads short fics - I happily read everything from drabbles to 100k+ epics, so whatever length works for you, works for me!)

There are some things I wouldn't really want:
- surprise!ships (i.e. non-canon ships/friendships/enemies in a story with no justification, explanation or background - non-canon ships are generally fine if they have some exposition or explanation though!)
- fluff!fic (ie, a little fluff is fine, especially in a happy ending, but if the fic is fluff throughout with no darker elements I would be a little disappointed!)
- sex scenes/porn as a major focus in the story (long sex scenes are just not my cup of tea)
- crossovers with canons I don't know
- PWPs
- gender-bending (except when it's canon)
- total AUs (eg hipster AU, high school AU, coffee shop AU...)
- any character bashing
- first or second person narrator (although switching from third to first/second for parts of the story is fine, just no first/second for the entire story please!)
- regional accents written out phonetically

Things I'm ambivalent about: holiday stories - I'm not against these, but I'm not interested in fluff with no plot, so a holiday story would have to be a story-taking-place-on-a-holiday rather than just characters doing happy holiday things for the sake of it!

FYI, if the plotbunny that strikes you ends up not involving all of my requested characters, that’s fine – for the most part, I don’t mind if not all my requested characters end up in the final fic, unless I’ve really made it clear that a character is my favourite!


Persona 3

Characters requested: Sanada Akihiko, Protagonist – Female, Kirijo Mitsuru, Aragaki Shinjiro

Signup details: I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful Persona 3 story last year for Yuletide, but there can never be enough P3 fic as far as I'm concerned so I couldn't help but request it again :)

I really, really loved the fact that I could play as a female character in this game – I’ve played as both protagonists but I really like the female protagonist's interactions and relationships, especially with Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Mitsuru. I love having a female character be a respected leader – both Mitsuru and the protagonist. I also find Mitsuru, Shinjiro, and Akihiko’s past to be really interesting, and I’d love to see this elaborated on in some way. The game’s combination of creating deep friendships and then fighting together and developing a huge amount of trust in each other is what I love the most about it, and I’d love to see a story set towards the end-game or post-game as a result (ie, preferably no character death at the end of the game!).

I would love to see any story that builds on the relationships between the female protagonist, Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Mitsuru. This can flesh out their back stories, or just build on their relationship as it is in the end game and post-game. It could be ship fic or gen, I don’t mind either way – I ship all combinations of my requested characters including OT3 and OT4! While my prompts involve suggestions for incorporating ships, I read shipfic and gen in equal measure and really don't mind at all if you'd rather write the gen version of a prompt rather than include ships - I would be equally happy with either. I’d also love to see cameos from any of the other characters, particularly Yukari, Koromaru, Saori, and Rio. You’re welcome to either call the protagonist Minako, or find a way to avoid naming her altogether – up to you! Also, I’m a big fan of Persona 4 as well, so if you feel like writing a crossover or bringing in Persona 4 characters in some way, go for it! I've played Persona Q but not Persona 4 Arena or Arena Ultimaxx. Oh, and the version of P3 I played was P3P :)

Some prompts/ideas:

- If you're writing shipfic, I'd love to see a fic dealing with an established Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro OT3 which the female protagonist then gets drawn into, maybe through developing an individual relationship with each character in all their messed-up-ness beyond what we see in the social links, and then gradually getting drawn into the relationship between all three. Seeing some Mitsuru/Akihiko/Shinjiro backstory could be fun here too. I'm not so interested in porn, more the relationship dynamics that seem to go beyond just friendship between them all in all sorts of ways. I’d especially like a fic that combines facing danger of some kind together, alongside some more introspective relationship building moments.

- Any pre- or post-game story focusing on Shinjiro and Akihiko, particularly with Shinjiro coming to terms with himself more than in the game. Maybe he could be helped to realisations about himself through his relationships with the other characters, perhaps through getting through some challenge together that forced him to rethink some things. Any scenario in which Shinjiro survives post-game would be wonderful! I'd also love to see something that explores Shinjiro and Akihiko's childhood - it's hinted that they grew up in an orphanage, but it would be great to see that fleshed out! (Particularly with some hurt/comfort thrown in would be awesome - and you can ship them or leave it gen, I don't mind). When did they meet Mitsuru, and how did they get to know her? (For any of these prompts, feel free to not include the protagonist if you're focusing entirely on the pre-game era - although if you can find a way to work her in somehow, that would also be great! Maybe as the Seal she can watch her friends at any point in their lives from afar, and we get her outsider perspective on the others' earlier lives?)

- I also ship Mitsuru/Yukari and female protagonist/Saori, so if you'd like to explore either of those two ships (or both!) then that would be wonderful too - in either case, a bit of angst (or facing up to danger together, and having each other's backs) with a happy ending would be awesome!

- any kind of relationship building between any of my nominated characters would be great in general - I love seeing the Persona characters get to know each other better, the social links are one of my favourite parts of the game!

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other characters, particularly Koromaru, Yukari, Saori, and Rio, any kind of crossover with Persona 4 (or just Persona 4 characters making a cameo appearance), gameplay elements (such as social link level ups or the battle system) incorporated into the story somehow.

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: miscommunications leading to awkwardness (I get major embarrassment squick from this, it’s just not a trope I enjoy!), character bashing of any of the characters, jealousy as a major component of the story, OT3 or OT4 fic focusing solely or primarily on domestic life/arrangements


Hail Caesar!

Characters requested: Hobie Doyle

Signup details: I didn't really know what I was going to see when I saw this in the cinema, but as soon as the movie started I just couldn't stop grinning - and Hobie definitely made me grin the most. I love his wholesomeness as a foil for the ridiculousness of the rest of the plot - that it doesn't matter what schemes and plots are going on around him, Hobie knows what he does well and just tries his hardest, and ignores all the rest. He doesn't really seem to differentiate between who he plays onscreen and who he is in person, and that makes him so endearing! Plus I love all his interactions with the other characters, especially with Carlotta and his rescue mission for Baird.

I thought about requesting Hobie plus another character, but I would be happy to see him alongside any of a whole bunch of different people, so I thought it would be easier just to request him alone and then give a variety of prompts :) Feel free to mix and match as you choose! In general, I see Hobie as kind of honourable but very naive (or just always looking for the best in people), and I think that probably comes across in my prompts ;)

Prompts by ship or grouping, in no particular order:

- Hobie on his own - I would love to see Hobie getting caught up in some other adventure, either as a result of his rescuing Baird or completely separate. Maybe he gets cast in a movie where the plot starts to leak over into his real life? Maybe one of his films becomes a smash hit and he has to deal with the new level of fame? Alternatively, I'd love to see him at a different point in his life entirely - what were his teenage years like? Where does his career go in the 70s, 80s or 90s, when he's old? Feel free to work in some sort of crossover as per the fandoms above here if you'd like/mention other famous Hollywood movies! (I'm not averse to cameos from real people (or satirical versions of real people!))

- Hobie/Burt - I'd love to see Hobie and Burt falling for each other while both working at the set - perhaps Burt helps Hobie out while he's trying to keep Laurence Laurentz happy, and things go from there for them. But Burt is also trying to convert Hobie to communism while also trying to seduce him, and Hobie is just kind of clueless and repeatedly not-quite-getting-it for both things. Maybe Burt is successful one way or another in the end, or maybe he isn't!

- Hobie/Carlotta - I loved their date, and that they both seemed so sweetly taken with each other, and I would love to see more - maybe it turns out they actually really like each other, but the studio now wants them to "date" other people for publicity so they have to try and meet in secret around the studios and hide from Mannix/the press? Perhaps eventually they manage to convince the studio to cast them in a cracky film together where they can team up to fight bad guys with their respective fruit-balancing/lassoing talents?

- Hobie & Baird meet up after the events of the film to talk about communism, and Baird ends up enlisting Hobie to help him get back in contact with the Marxists, but neither of them really understands what they're dealing with... (Mannix trying to keep their antics out of the press would be an added bonus!)

- Hobie & DeeAnna (or Hobie/DeeAnna) - Hobie ends up as the male lead in DeeAnna's next film, and she decides it's time to take him under her wing and introduce him to the real world, but he ends up teaching her a few things instead...

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the Marxists, Mannix frustratedly trying to hold things together, ridiculousness written seriously, dancing sailors, satire of Hollywood in the 50s or comedy versions of real directors/stars, anything that gets across the 'takes itself seriously' humour of the movie, stories-within-the-story (/films within films!)

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: PWPs, Hobie as the bad guy (although you can cast him as one in a film - I think he would be hilariously bad at playing a bad guy, in a "the audience ended up rooting for the wrong guy!" kind of way, anything too serious


Flying Colors

Characters requested: Sayaka Kudō

Signup details: I saw this film on a plane flying back from vacation in Japan last year, and just fell in love with it! It's just funny and sweet and heartwarming in all the right ways. I love the way we see Sayaka's growth towards adulthood, and the little pieces of information about the other characters, like the mentor/mentee relationship with Tsubota or her developing friendships with the other students at the cram school, and even her gradual understanding with her brother and father. Basically, I adore this film, and I'd really like to see anything at all here - before, during, or after the film, either centred around Sayaka's relationships with others, or her personal growth, or both!

Some prompts:

- It would be interesting to see something more about Sayaka's thoughts about her childhood - how did she go from being the bullied little girl to the vapid teen she is when she gets sent to cram school? Is she really so vapid then, or is it a front to hide how she really feels?

- what happens after she makes it to university? Epistolary fic could be fun here - Sayaka sending letters to different people telling them about her university life (Tsubota, her mother, her father, her brother, Reiji, her school friends...). Is it all plain sailing once she makes it to Keio, or does she struggle? (Of course, in epistolary fic, 2nd person is fine!)

- anything where Sayaka needs to fall back on her friends or family to help her get through a new struggle would be amazing
- maybe she even is able to gain a stronger relationship with her father by him helping her through a difficult time once she leaves for university?

- perhaps Sayaka becomes a point of advice and support for her girlfriends from school, who didn't go to cram school, as they realise that they need to grow up too (but also still have fun)

If you'd like to have Sayaka (or anyone else!) in a relationship, any ship is fine (m/f, f/f, m/m, ot3) aside from incest ships!

Fandom-specific things I would love: references to Tokyo/Japan, Sayaka still finding time to kick back and have fun (maybe some karaoke?), Sayaka developing her relationships with the important people in her life while facing new challenges, references to what her brother, Reiji, her school friends etc are up to post-canon

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: incest ships, Sayaka being portrayed as stupid (rather than simply naive!)


Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of 希望ヶ峰学園 | The End of Kibougamine Gakuen | End of Hope's Peak High School

Characters requested: Chiaki Nanami

Signup details: I only just finished watching all of DR3, and I have so many things I would love to see explored in fic - and an awful lot of them involve Chiaki! She has definitely been my favourite character (alongside Kyouko) since SDR2. I love that she's so determined but also kind, and tries so hard to help out everyone else, both in her original and AI forms. I especially loved how DR3 really made clear that she's also very brave - even in her final moments, she tried everything she possibly could to survive, not just because she didn't want to die but also because she wanted to help everyone else.

Some prompts/ideas:

- I would love to see a Chiaki fix-it AU - what if she figures out that Yukizome is already brainwashed? Or what if she manages to escape the maze injured but alive? Feel free to take this as far as you like - whether just an AU ending for the Despair Arc, or going beyond that how Chiaki's survival would change events. It's totally fine to write something pretty dark, as long as there's a reasonably happy ending (at least for my faves! (Chiaki, Kyouko, Hajime, Makoto, and Hina)

- I definitely ship Chiaki/Hajime, so I would love to see a happy ending for them - maybe Mitarai finds a way to give her AI form a holographic shape, so Chiaki and Hajime can interact post-Hope? Or perhaps Hajime reenters the simulation every so often so he can ask Chiaki for advice? Anything that gives them an opportunity to try building the relationship they were denied by the experimentation at the school would be amazing. It could also be fun to see a situation in which they both have to try and save each other - from those still infected with Despair, or something else entirely.

- I would also love to see Chiaki meet Kyouko - what if they need to solve a problem together for the Future Foundation? maybe AI!Chiaki was able to contact Kyouko while she is stuck inside the Future Foundation killing game, and Kyouko is able to bounce ideas off her? It could be fun to see them messaging each other for this. I do ship Chiaki/Kyouko but either ship or gen is absolutely fine here!

Some helpful info:

I played the games in English (the only game I have started but not yet finished is Another Episode) and watched DR3 with English subs. I haven't see the original Dangan Ronpa anime or read the manga.

Ship-wise, I ship Chiaki/Hajime, Makoto/Kyouko, Makoto/Hina, and Chiaki/Kyouko. But I am also totally fine with gen-fic - it's up to you!

Fandom-specific things I would love: cameos from the other characters, particularly Hajime, Kyouko, Makoto, or Hina, any kind of crossover with Persona 3 or 4, adventures!, Chiaki referencing other video games, messaging/texting

Fandom-specific things I wouldn't enjoy so much: anything more than brief appearances from Komaeda or Hanamura, jealousy as a major component of the story, curtain!fic


So, thanks again, and I hope my requests haven't scared you off altogether! Definitely take everything I've written here as a suggestion to start off your creative process, not anything prescriptive at all - if you get an awesome idea when reading this, but it doesn't match any particular prompt, then go for it. I'm sure I will love it :D If anything here is really confusing, or you want to know more about my preferences that I've missed/forgotten here, then totally feel free to get in touch via the mods or through commenting anonymously here. I am really looking forward to reading your story, and I know if you love any one of these fandoms you must be an awesome person, so I'm really happy we were matched!

Good luck, and happy Yuletide,


P.S.: I have anonymous commenting enabled, and IP logging disabled, so if you'd like to ask me about my letter or need to know more from me, you are very welcome to ask here!
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