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Lookie... the BBC has made some *amazing advances* in iPlayer technology: iPlayer on a toaster? genius!

I also kind of like the Guardian's approach: hehehe :)

Plus, who wouldn't like a trip to Econoland?

In other news, I just got a record contract in Poland ;)
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Somebody in my building has had amazing orgasms at least three times this week so far... and they're not afraid who knows it. Honestly, you'd think if you knew you lived in a block where every sound is multiplied and echoed by the courtyard to everyone else in the building, you'd make sure you closed the windows before having sex? I guess they must just be really exhibitionist....

I was going to type something else but the 'uh... oh... ooh...uh' is really distracting!!
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Wow, I've just realised I've only got 9 weeks left in Berlin. Suddenly I don't want to go home.

Something funny happened this evening. I was out with people from work, and my boss was telling us how he found it funny that at bang on 11pm on the work pub crawl, people always seemed to spontaneously break into their national anthem. At the time, I was thinking, I don't think I've ever heard that happen. Until at 11pm, when I left, and from down the street (where the pub crawl were) I heard the strains of 'God Save our gracious Queen, long live our noble Queen...' I just ended up stood in the street laughing to myself!
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Hehe... I was just looking at a rather yummy looking chocolate and raspberry cookies recipe, and noticed that on the google ads below it was one which said '5 Tips for a Flat Stomach: stop making these 5 mistakes and you will lose your ugly belly'. I think the google ad-matching programmers must have a weird sense of humour...
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Funny story:

In order to do language courses at the language learning centre at the Humboldt, you have to do an online test. It lasts 30 mins and consists of 5 paragraphs where the second half of every second word is taken away. You have to fill the gaps, and you get a mark out of one hundred at the end, and that says what level classes you can do.

So, I want to take some classes for French, German and Spanish next semester, because it's way cheaper than at King's so I might as well! I did the French test first, and got 77/100, which pleasantly surprised me because that puts me at a similar level to my German 6 months ago, which is good because I've barely spoken French for over two years. So all well and good there. Then I did the Spanish one, and got 37/100, which is fine because my Spanish is awful. Then I did the German one...

Now, by this time I'd already spent an hour doing this, and I was feeling fairly blasé about the German test because I've already done it twice, and I got over 80 both times, and I've been speaking German for 6 months pretty much all day every day... so I did the test fairly quickly, didn't bother checking it over too hard, and clicked on the 'mark test' button after 10 out of the 30 mins.

I got 70/100.... which puts me in a lower level class than for French!!


It's not really a problem because I've already done one German course there at the level I should be at, so all I need to do is take my certificate from then and show it to them (and say 'listen to me talking German to you. I should be in the high level class', as well) but it was kind of embarrassing... oh well.

(And I am slightly tipsy right now, hence the marvellous excuse to use my new icon, hee)
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So I'm back in London and at Trev's now. Had a bit of a manic journey to get here! I went out for my last night in Berlin, but since I had to leave at 7am to get to airport and I needed to do about an hour of packing/last minute flat tidying beforehand, I had planned to get home by 2am on Friday night and get four hours sleep. Well... obviously, it got to 2am and I was enjoying myself, so I decided it was a good idea to just not sleep, stay out late and then go home, pack, and head to the airport. Which I did, and Mira came with me and helped (and didn't sleep either). I planned to then sleep on the plane and the train instead, and the plane bit worked, but the trains at the airport in Luton were all either delayed or cancelled, which meant that they were impossible to get on. When I did finally get on one, it was so packed I spent the whole journey stood up and pressed into the wall... eergh. But still, I made it in one piece in the end, even if I did pretty much go 30 hours without sleep!

I'm feeling a bit sad now though, because although I obviously want to be in London and with Trev and stuff, Mira is going to be in Berlin for the next three weeks and then going back to Holland, and she's not coming back for next semester, so my coffee buddy/best friend in Berlin is gone! I felt really bad at the airport, half not wanting to go back to London :( I guess it'll be alright, but it's a bit crap to make such good friends with someone and know that you're probably not going to be living in the same place as them for a long long time. Oh well, I guess it means I'll have to make a trip to the Netherlands next semester...

On a lighter note, I got the best chat up line ever on Friday night:
Czech guy at the bar: Have you counted the beads on your necklace? [I was wearing a long string of beads]
Me: No, why?
Czech guy: Well, where I come from, that's bad luck not to!
Me: Well, where I come from, it's bad luck for a black cat to cross your path, but I live with a black cat so I guess I'm used to flirting with bad luck!

Just thought it was a pretty strange way to start a conversation, so he deserved a bit of piss-taking, heh!
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Thinking about long distance relationships, and people who fall in love online and then meet in person, had me wondering if anyone had ever fallen in love AND got married online before even meeting.

It took me 10 minutes of googling to find this:

Well, now we know!!

My google searching also made me realise just how many people are incapable of spelling 'serial killer'... I think 'cereal killer' was my favourite!
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The search results I get on do make me laugh sometimes. I searched for 'pop literature cut-up'... and I get: 'The Use of Fractals to Assess the Ecological Impact of Increased CattlePopulation: Case Study from the Runde Communal Land, Zimbabwe'

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Something amusing has just struck me. Strikeout07, when all those crazed people were trying to force certain segments of fandom off of LJ, ultimately failed. But now, a large proportion of fandom is staging a mass exodus from not just LJ but the web, because of the risk of DH spoilers. So all the crazed people really would have had to do to get rid of the people they didn't like would have been to get hold of some fake or real spoilers, and spam! Heh... I hope they don't start actually doing that, mind you.

I don't really want to be spoiled, but on the other hand I can't afford to buy the book until at least the 26th. Tis a problem indeed...


Jun. 2nd, 2007 02:20 pm
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I've been offered the possibility of a really great job over the summer. It's not definite, I have to go and train for a week or so first, but after that I could do it. The problem is, I'm playing lots of gigs with The Promise this summer (the band I'm in for the Scout centenary). Literally, I'm going to need about 4 weekends off and one whole week, and maybe more. My current job, the charity fundraising thing, is really flexible (I chose what hours I work each week) and so that wouldn't be a problem. But with this new job I think it would be. So do I go for the new job and stress about conniving my way into weekends off, or do I email the guy back and tell him that I've been offered the chance of developing my music career and I think it would impinge (is that a word?) too much on the job for me to be able to take it? Grr, it's so annoying, the job I've been offered is tour-guiding round London, which I really want to do. But I just am not sure it's going to work. Ick. Advice would be very welcome!

In other news, I got locked in the toilet yesterday for half an hour... )


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