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5324 / 7000 words. 76% done of the whole thing!

1449 / 1100 words. 132% done of section one!

1123 / 1100 words. 102% done of section two!

1562 / 1100 words. 142% done of section three!

1126 / 1100 words. 102% done of section four!
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Probably TMI to the nth degree, but I need to rant... )

In other news, I've been making random lists of things I'm going to do once I've finished. It keeps me entertained hehe :) I'm going to attempt to make a set of LJ icons for each of my interests... that should keep me busy for a while!

Also, anybody who can listen to BBC radio, tune into Radio 6 between 7 and 9 and you will hear my sister playing live on Tom Robinson's show! Woo :)
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Oh, I am seriously the QUEEN of procrastination. I don't even want to type how much I still have to write before Tuesday at 4. Bloody hell.... sooner or later what I need to say will all come together in my head, and then I can make it make sense on paper, but until them I'm screwed. Summarising each section is helping though. I just always know that if I allowed more time to write essays, I could write them much better. But on the other hand, no matter how much time I allow myself, I always seem to end up procrastinating until the very last minute. So maybe I'm just incapable of writing essays in plenty of time? Blergh.

On the other hand, I got an A on one of the essays I've already had back, and an A+ on the other, and I wrote both of those overnight and at the last minute, so maybe writing stuff like that just works for me? It's definitely not good for my peace of mind though... :/ Meh.

Icon Meme!

Jan. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm
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icon meme stolen from tree_and_leaf )
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Just think... after April I should never have a reason to tag my entries 'essays' ever again! Now THAT'S an inspiring thought....

Essay is going badly. (I'm beginning to think I should just copy-pasta previous essay entries, since they all read exactly the same. I am nothing if not predictable when it comes to these things!)

What is the likelihood of me writing 3500 words tonight and still getting to sleep at a decent time for work tomorrow? I'm thinking small...
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FINALLY. I've managed to formulate essay ideas in my head to actually produce a vaguely coherent plan. For such an 'easy read', Der Vorleser is bloody complicated once you start looking into it! I should really go and see the film once my essay is done - has anybody seen The Reader? Is it any good? They reviewed it on Radio 2 and the reviewer on the Claudia Winkleman show got all the facts wrong (he claimed the book was by Richard Yates :/... not too sure where he got that from! And he had totally the wrong end of the stick about what the point of the plot structure is, although I suppose they may have messed with that in the film). Anyways... back to work. I really need to write 1000 words before I sleep!
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Woohoo! Essays are done, just translating them now. Finally, the torment is reaching it's end.

Also, Apparently the president of my SU has been suspended for racist comments at an NUS national meeting... I'm taking the whole thing with a pinch of salt, to be honest, mainly because many of the 'facts' seem to come from hearsay and the Daily Mail, but still. Way to make King's look good, people! *sigh*

A todo list as a reminder to myself )
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I have to get this out of my system and then I can go do some late night last minute essay writing/finishing (hah, optimism... I've only got about 200 words right now...).

Anyway... I'm so excited! I think we're going to get the amazing flat I was talking about, with the swimming pool and the gym and the bar and things. It's such a cool flat - it's in an old converted match factory, and it's a split level two-bedroom flat, with a bedroom on a mezzanine level above the living room, with a spiral staircase leading up to it and a walk-in wardrobe!! And it's got nice wooden floors and exposed brick work, and it's just going to be amazing. And I've spent the whole evening procrastinating on The Pier website, drooling over nice things I could buy to put in it.

I keep trying to stop myself from getting too excited, because we haven't 100% confirmed that we've got it yet, but... aaaaah! I can't help myself! So cool...

Now back to the scheduled essay writing. Or rather, extremely behind schedule essay writing. I promise I'll be done soon and stop talking about it! I think I'm driving everyone at work mad with it, heh.
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Agh! I can't believe it's the 5th of September and I still haven't finished my second essay! I also don't understand how I can both panic like a headless chicken AND procrastinate simultaneously... what is wrong with me? Seriously! This is beyond ridiculous. So. Tonight, I am finishing essay number two. I don't care how long it takes. And tomorrow, I need to read the whole of Böll's 'Der Zug war pünktlich' and plan my final essay, and preferably write a good chunk of it as well. If anyone happens to have read the book already and wants to give me their thoughts, I would be most appreciative...

In summary: I am an idiot and should have written these essays two months ago.
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Ergh... I vowed I would finish this essay tonight. Well, since the sun is now coming up and I've still got 800 words or so to go, and my ability to concentrate for longer than 3 minutes without procrastinating left me about the same time as I finished GCSEs, I think I'll be revising that to 'I will finish this before I'll allow myself to sleep'. I don't care what it actually says any more, I've still got to translate the bloody thing into German anyway, but if I don't finish it now then I won't get started on the next one tomorrow, and then I am screwed. So ergh. And yes, I am very bad, and am writing my essays in English and then translating into German. But I do at least now have a German housemate to check them over for me, so hopefully they'll at least make a small amount of sense... lalalalala, am ignoring the fact that I still have two to write. La.


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