Feb. 16th, 2008 03:41 pm
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The exams are over, hurray! And I'm still in bed :) Oops... Well, considering I've been averaging about 5 hours sleep a night for the last few days, I think it's allowed. Trev is here this weekend, which is cool, and he got me a hot water bottle and a candle with hearts on and a tonne of chocolate for valentine's day! So yay :)

Exams were pretty good, surprisingly, apart from the fact that I turned up to the second one to find that the lecturer had just forgotten to make exam papers for all the erasmus/international students. I love the organisation at the Humboldt, yes I do! I also ran out of time to buy my semester ticket (basically my travel ticket for the next six months) last week, so I have to pay 20 euros extra now, oh well.

I'm going to go and have a nice relaxing bath now :)
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So, two courses down, two to go! Woo, go me! Fortunately, the two down are the two I had previously done the least on. So I'm going to work for another three hours tonight on the third one, which should hopefully bring me up to nearly done on that one, finish it off tomorrow, and start the last one tomorrow afternoon to finish on the plane etc (it has the most transportable Reader, heh - the only one that's actually bound!). So I'm beginning to feel more positive about the exams.

My only fear is if they really DON'T let me use a bilingual dictionary for the second exam (one seminar Prof gave permission, the other didn't - but he's out of the country now so I'm taking it anyway). This is not so much for the writing, because I've only got 90 minutes for four questions so that's not much time for dictionary use. It's more that if there's a word in the question I don't understand, then I'm royally screwed. And since the example question one of my lecture profs gave as a throwaway example in our last lecture was one whose main word I didn't understand, I'm a little bit scared...

Oh well. If that happens I'll just write what I've guessed the word to mean at the top of the essay, write 'I'm an Erasmus student' in big letters and then do it that way!

I still don't understand a system that chooses to have exams in February... it's the most depressing month of the year! Why?!?

Also, more weirdness - my uni supposedly has one of the best German departments in the UK. (According to the Guardian, in any case). So how come it subscribes to neither 'German Studies Review' or 'Modern Languages Review'? Literally half the useful looking articles I find are in those two journals... aaagh!


Jul. 9th, 2007 12:41 pm
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Just got my results for my second year, don't really know whether to feel happy or disappointed! I got three firsts (for post 1945 fiction, realist fiction and poetry), two high 2:1s (for German for academic purposes and my music module !!), two average 2:1s (for cinema and medieval) and a 2:2 for language. The firsts were in all the subjects I was banking on, which is good, and I was pleasantly surprised by the 69 for my music module - that's only one mark off a first, even though my essay was the most appalling piece of crap I've ever written! I was hoping to have dragged my marks up a bit for cinema and medieval, because I felt I did quite well in the exams and I thought with cinema I might have managed to push it up to a high 2:1, but obviously it wasn't enough. The exam was only worth 40% though so I suppose that was a bit of a tall order! The 2:2 for language isn't as bad as it sounds - 59, which is only one mark off a 2:1, so it's not awful, and to be honest I didn't really do very well in the aural (ie, I made it up as I went along).

The funniest thing is that I worked out the average for the whole year, and it comes to 67.5 - exactly the same as last year, I believe! Oh no, wait, I've just checked - last year I averaged 67.25, so I have improved! I think at this rate I am heading for a 2:1 overall, not a first, unless I can really pull a big ratio of firsts out of the bag next year and in my fourth year. Oh well, I'll do my best.
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So. One day of revision left until the big rush. I'm feeling fairly prepared, but just thought I should warn you all that I may be posting messages of increasing despair over the next week, which you should all ignore completely because this time next week I will be feeling much better :) I'm just allergic to exams, heh. Actually, it's weird; it's not that I'm afraid of exams - I don't come out with the shakes when I enter the exam hall or anything. I just feel very very very bored. I sit down, look at the paper, and think 'Oh God, do I have to? I really can't be bothered with this!' And then I have to physically force myself to write. It's horrible.

Heh, I've started with the 'I-hate-exams' posts already, it seems. So, um... apologies in advance!

Of course, any consolation you feel like offering would be much appreciated... or just virtual cups of coffee, heh.


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