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This year was actually a pretty good year-in-fic for me - I wrote just under 8000 words (which is a lot more than I wrote in 2011, heh) and 5 stories in total.

In October, I wrote one story for the Kaleidoscope 2012 Exchange:

Title: The Teahouse
Fandom: Throne of the Crescent Moon - Saladin Ahmed (and if you like fantasy, you should definitely read this book, too!)
Glimpses of Adoulla's life, after everything is over. This is post-book fic, and does contain a few spoilers as a result. This was written for Rhi, who asked for Adoulla opening a teashop.

In December, I wrote three stories for [ profile] yuletide and one story for the [ profile] hh_sugarquill Secret Santa exchange:


Main assignment:
Title: Aftermath
Fandom: Outlander - Diana Gabaldon
Jamie and John on the road, after Jamie 'kidnaps' him at the end of An Echo in the Bone. They talk. This was written for Marien.

Pinch hit:
Title: With You By My Side
Fandom: Journey (PS3 game)
A traveller makes his first journey, and finds someone to share it with. This was written for Moonsheen, who asked for a story about a young and inexperienced traveller meeting an older traveller.

Title: Rebirth
Fandom: Journey (PS3 game)
Two red cloaks travel together to the mountain. When one is reborn without her friend, will she ever find him again? This was written for Tanrien, who asked for a story about two players meeting and going the way together, and about what happens at the mountain before the players return to the beginning.

Sugarquill Secret Santa

Title: Children of the Revolution
Fandom: Harry Potter/Moulin Rouge fusion
James Potter is a boy pretending to be a man. Teddy Lupin is just trying to hide. What happens when their paths cross at the Moulin Rouge? This was written for [ profile] etacanis, who asked for AU angsty fic and gave a Moulin Rouge song as a prompt.
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In exciting news, I didn't get on TV! Hurrah! Although my song was briefly to be heard in the background for 20 seconds on BBC South Today. Not that anyone other than me could hear it... And actually, you could see me throwing a rugby ball for about 2 seconds, as well. Haha. I have also learned that the Scout Organisation could not organise a piss-up in a brewery, and that the best way to get a good performance out of 14 years olds is to bribe them. Happy days.

(I was on Brownsea Island for the Sunrise Ceremony. For anyone who's in Scouting or Guiding, that's BIG DEAL. I have a badge, and a necker, go me!!)

Also, whilst I have not posted much recently (RL has been a tad insance, so this and [ profile] mk_socrates aren't going to get much posting until September) I am not leaving LJ. I don't really see the point. I don't post pron, and I'm not that bothered about other people's right to post porn. Ooh, actually, I have posted porn, once, for a fest. Oh well. Twas pretty tame...
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Something amusing has just struck me. Strikeout07, when all those crazed people were trying to force certain segments of fandom off of LJ, ultimately failed. But now, a large proportion of fandom is staging a mass exodus from not just LJ but the web, because of the risk of DH spoilers. So all the crazed people really would have had to do to get rid of the people they didn't like would have been to get hold of some fake or real spoilers, and spam! Heh... I hope they don't start actually doing that, mind you.

I don't really want to be spoiled, but on the other hand I can't afford to buy the book until at least the 26th. Tis a problem indeed...


Jul. 13th, 2007 12:33 pm
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mild spoilers for OOTP )
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Haven't posted in a while - I guess I've just had nothing to say. I've got my last exam (grammar) tomorrow, and then I'm done for the year. Right now though I have a stonking headache, probably brought on by not drinking anything all day and then drinking half a bottle of red wine. Eergh. Can't even take any paracetemol because of the wine!

All the fandom kerfluffle has amused me. I don't really go in for the kind of things that got [ profile] pornish_pixies shut down, but I am now quite tempted to put 'eating small children' into my interests, just for the hell of it. Heh. Well, not really, but honestly. Do these groups even READ the things they're trying to shut down? And have they not heard of fiction? Silly people.

Anyway, I have several things I could moan about right now, or celebrate, but I can't really be bothered. Meh. What a post. I bet you all love me!

The only noteworthy thing of late that's happened is I've given up on my diet and exercise plan and gone back to lazing around eating ice cream, because my stomach is stubbornly refusing my attempts to tone it and I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of April. So that was a complete waste of time! I'm obviously meant to be exactly how I am :)

Icon is me, tonight. No Trev. :(


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