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I have a job! In celebration of that I've spent all today doing something I hadn't done properly in about a year - reading HP fanfiction! And for once, I actually came across something pretty good. Azraeos is an author on who writes HP crossovers with LOTR and Buffy - and surprisingly, they're both believable and well-written. Really worth checking out :)

This evening, me and Trev have planned to watch films and eat nice food. Will be nice to spend time with him without one of us having to rush off to do something!
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I don't think I ever write anything meaningful on here anymore. Or anywhere at all. I'm on a serious writer's block at the moment, apart from fanfic, (see entry from a couple of days ago). So I am just a tad frustrated. Fortunately, I've now got to the stage where I can feel the song inside me (how cheesy does that sound?!), it's just not quite ready to be written yet. So hopefully in the next few days I'll write something vaguely good. It's just taken bloody long this time around for me to be able to write anything after recording. Grr, frustrating.

In other news, I have a job. Well, two, but they're not simultaneous. First I'm going to go do 4 days cold-calling, selling training days to companies. And then I'm going to do charity fundraising, so long as I pass the training next week. I don't think that'll be too bad though, fortunately. So hooray! Although I am torn between being very lazy and not wanting to go do stressful things, and utter boring being stuck in my flat all day. Ah well, hopefully it'll be easy.

Also, I have new hair! Hooray! My camera battery has gone, or I would take pictures. But I'm too lazy to plug it in. Never mind.

Fanfiction is going.... well, surprisingly. I'm a little bit stuck on the battle scene - I'm not sure whether to include it yet (it's a flashback), or putting in a different scene. But I think I might write it now and then save it for later, so that I can revise it. That way it'll be better in the end, I guess. I've decided not to get a beta just yet. I might just get the people on OWL to say what they think, when I've written all of it/a substantial amount of it. I always get dispirited when I send the first chapter off to beta without having written a second one. So if I want this to actually get finished, it's probably not a good idea just yet!

Anyways, enough of Harry Potter. I need to find some new stuff to read, I think, and then I'll carry on writing for a bit. I don't want to get bored with it!

Hmm, actually long entry for once! :)
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Dear God. I've got 2000 words already, and I haven't even finished the opening background-y type stuff yet. This was supposed to be a one shot!!! I can see the first chapter being 10,000 words.... I think I may be creating a monster.
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I dreamt in fanfiction last night. As in, my brain spewed up an entire, completed story involving two in character Harry Potter characters, which made perfect sense (even when I woke up), but bears absolutely no resemblance to any plotline I've ever read before. Oh dear......

..... So I'm writing it down :$

Am I insane?

And if anybody's interested, here's the first couple of paragraphs. Does it actually sound interesting?

Cloak and Dagger... )


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