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See, this is what happens when I'm not on LJ for a week... I return to spam you all *g*

I managed to find one video with me in it on youtube, even if it's not tour guiding!! Not that you can see me, only hear me, but still... If you go to about 7:20 in the video, this is me (and the 6 other people in the cheesy scout band) singing to 15,000 people in the o2 arena for the scout centenary:
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I didn't think I'd write anything about what I did last week, except for what I posted yesterday, but actually I do want to talk about it. The thing about the event on Brownsea was, despite the fact that the staff on the camp (mainly Scout leaders) did not see us (the band) as proper Scouts, I was so proud to be there. Because having been in Guiding for most of my life, and seeing the way it has shaped who I am, the chance to be in the place where it all started, exactly one hundred years on, surrounded by two scouts from every country in the world specifically chosen to be there, was too good to miss. I found the Sunrise ceremony to celebrate the centenary really moving, particularly when every scout shook hands and saluted every other scout. To be able to play an integral part of that ceremony, writing and singing one of the songs ([ profile] lisbee wrote the other!!) that everybody at that ceremony will forever identify with that moment - that will always make me feel incredibly lucky. And to be honest, I feel very strongly that despite the bureaucracy that surrounds every large organisation, Scouting and Guiding really does something great for millions of people across the world.

That may not make much sense. But I really think that Brownsea was a fantastic event, despite the food and the stress and the dirty looks. I'm still proud to be a Guide, and now a Scout too. I wish more people would take an opportunity to give them a chance!
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In exciting news, I didn't get on TV! Hurrah! Although my song was briefly to be heard in the background for 20 seconds on BBC South Today. Not that anyone other than me could hear it... And actually, you could see me throwing a rugby ball for about 2 seconds, as well. Haha. I have also learned that the Scout Organisation could not organise a piss-up in a brewery, and that the best way to get a good performance out of 14 years olds is to bribe them. Happy days.

(I was on Brownsea Island for the Sunrise Ceremony. For anyone who's in Scouting or Guiding, that's BIG DEAL. I have a badge, and a necker, go me!!)

Also, whilst I have not posted much recently (RL has been a tad insance, so this and [ profile] mk_socrates aren't going to get much posting until September) I am not leaving LJ. I don't really see the point. I don't post pron, and I'm not that bothered about other people's right to post porn. Ooh, actually, I have posted porn, once, for a fest. Oh well. Twas pretty tame...
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Today's revision sesh with Dana in the park was actually pretty productive. Revising with someone else there who is pretty studious actually makes me want to revise, just so as not to embarrass myself, so I did about 6 full sides of A4 on Brussig's Sonnenallee! We sat in the park for a bit and then went to the Fat Cat and got coffee and sat there for about 2 hours. It was nice. And it's so good to have a native speaker there to explain words I don't understand - particularly when the only words I don't get are ones which she didn't know either! Does wonders for the self esteem, heee :)

I'm being so lazy at the moment though. I can't be bothered to cook tonight (or last night, or the night before, or the night before that...) so I'm getting pizza - AGAIN. It's partly just because I'm knackered, though - I keep getting tired really quickly (think it's cos I was ill for so long over Easter and then got no sleep during the play week) and I went back to work tonight, so I was out of the house for about 9 hours. Now I just want to collapse but I should finish off my work on Sonnenallee tonight.

I also have to audition for The Promise tomorrow (Scout band for the centenary) and I still don't know what to sing. The stupid thing is, actually they all know I can sing, because they've all heard my recordings of the songs they're using for the band, so auditioning is really pointless. If they don't find anyone else, they'll make me be in the band, unless they decide it's too political to have the daughter of the music organiser for the event in the band. In which case they won't. So they might as well take the decision without me being there! Stupid Scout Association. Guides are so much better :)

Speaking of Guides, I realised today how much I'm going to miss not going on camp this summer. It's going to be the first year I won't be on camp since I was 13. As I was walking back from Trev's this morning, it was sunny with a light breeze and it just felt exactly like early mornings in Iceland, when I stepped out of the tent and the wind came off the lake and the sun was shining. I definitely need to find a Pfadfindergruppe in Berlin. I wanna go on camp again! And be in Guiding again! And finish my warrant... oops.

Daria and me are going to Casa Blue next week. Yay, mojitos! And Brick Lane :) Hee.


Dec. 12th, 2006 01:01 pm
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Yesterday I made a discovery which will change my life for the better...

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