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I am 22! And I played a gig on Wednesday night which went pretty well, considering my voice was a bit dead. And I've just been offered two more gigs today! Hurrah! So... happiness :) Now I'm going to go and tidy my flat and clean in prep for tomorrow night, when I am having my bday party, which is going to involve making pancakes and cocktails and playing twister. So life is basically pretty good :)


Aug. 22nd, 2008 01:04 pm
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I just had a bit of a paradigm shift in mood. And I realised that my final year at uni is going to be amazing. I have the world laid out for me. I've already got a gig lined up, I know where I can get more. I'm going to direct an amazing play which will go down in German Society history, at least for the shock factor! (We want to do Justine del Corte's Sex, hehe... I know, I know, I am a small child) As soon as I get back to England (or maybe even before) I'm going to go on an incredible song-writing binge. And even if the essays I'm writing right now get shitty marks, I can still get a first at the end of my degree. Sometimes I still appreciate being able to deal with complicated formulas: I just put all my marks and some fairly pessimistic predictions for what I'm going to get for the rest of my degree into the formula they use for calculating your final grade, and it came out as about 73%. Which is a first! So yay. Not that I'm going to slack, but it makes me feel a bit happier in any case. So hooray for that.

I'm feeling pretty happy right now.
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Oh wow... I think I've got it. I think I've got THE song that's going to make me.

Except right now I've only got the chorus... it all hangs in the balance. More news later!
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I got the job! Or at least, I'm learning the script now, and in a couple of weeks I'll do an audition tour, and so long as that goes OK I'm in. So fingers crossed :) And I was at a birthday party this evening where they happened to have a piano. When I asked about it, my friend said I could play it if I wanted to, so I just played one of my songs. I wasn't really intending that people listened, I was just enjoying playing a real piano for once, but at the end quite a few people clapped and asked who it was by because they liked it, and were really surprised when I said me! So I'm happy :)
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The weather and some stuff that's happened this week has finally combined to lift my mood, hurrah!! My grandparents are here until Monday, which is cool (free food and sightseeing, which I never get around to doing otherwise). I've got a job interview for the tour guide company I really really want to work for this summer, this afternoon. So I'm happy :) I really hope the interview goes well - I have no fears of being able to perform the tour ('perform' being the operative word - it's got to be entertaining), it's just convincing them that I can do it that's the stumbling point. But fingers crossed...

I also finally finished tidying my room. I've still got a few things to sort out, but at least it's done now! So that's helped with the happiness-making. And finally, and best of all, I now have TWO people interested in playing my songs with me, so we're going to meet up on Tuesday and have a jam session. In fact, by Tuesday, there might even be more people...

So all in all, this weekend is looking pretty good :) And a friend of mine from uni in London is here as well, so I'm going to meet up with her tomorrow or Sunday. Yayageness!


Feb. 27th, 2008 08:48 pm
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I've been going on a comm-joining spree, and finally got around the reading all the profile links at [ profile] bentolunch. I think I may have found a new obsession... As soon as I get to London I'm going to have a go at it, because maybe if my packed lunch a) contains sushi-like things and b) looks pretty, I might actually eat it instead of buying crap (which quite often I do even when I've made myself lunch, because homemade lunch always seems so boring.)

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Ooh ooh ooh! I wrote half a song! Which may not sound like much, but when all you've written is shite for 6 months you thank God for small mercies :)

Maybe I should get semi-drunk more often (this as oppose to completely, crash-out-as-soon-as-you-hit-the-bed drunk. Which happens more often. I'm not an alcoholic, I'm an erasmus student!!)

I realise I am giving a bad impression, so good night!
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Woo, Wochenende! Although actually today was pretty good, mainly because I'd actually read the entire novel (Rainald Goetz, 'Irre') for Popliteratur and therefore was able to actually concentrate and participate for 3 hours. Max, my teacher from the language course at the beginning of the semester, came in half way through to talk to our lecturer though, and it was kind of embarassing because I was playing with my phone under the table (it was a boring bit...) and he used to take the piss out of me for doing that in class before (it's kind of a habit *g*) so I went bright red, and my finnish friend (also Anna, heh... there are so many of us here!!) now thinks I fancy him. Oh well!

Yesterday was fun too - I have choir on a Thursday night, and I wasn't VERY up for going yesterday because I'd had a sore throat all day on Wednesday and I didn't want to risk screwing up my voice because we've got a concert next week. In the end I went, though, and my voice was fine, but also we had a Niklaus party afterwards (for St. Nicholas's day) and I went along, and not only actually got to know some of the (actually German) other choir members, but I found out that after the rehearsal weekend in January, they always have an open mic concert and people go and sing and play stuff - so I may actually get a chance to play some of my own stuff! Which would be great :)

Now this weekend I'm going to a flamenco night tonight, a birthday party tomorrow, and I'm having a gathering for mulled wine and mince pie eating at mine on Sunday night (I brought over a kilo of mince pie mix back from England. I love German Christmas but it's not the same without the mince pies!) And I need to go swimming, tidy my room, do reading, and buy a Christmas tree at some point. Which actually is exciting in itself - I love Christmas decorations but in London I'm never there close enough to Christmas to actually bother buying a tree. This year I'm in Berlin until the 23rd though, and I really wanted an excuse to buy some of the gorgeous ornaments from the Christmas markets. So I'm going out to buy a foot-tall Christmas tree tomorrow for 10 euros, hehe.

Hope everyone else is having a good weekend too!!


Apr. 2nd, 2007 12:55 am
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Anyone who knows what those three letters mean may be interested in my news... so, anybody? Heh, peek behind the cut:

eeeeeeeeeee! )
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I'm having a happy day today. I spent about half an hour in bed this morning at 9ish trying to persuade myself to go to work, and not pretend I was ill. When I finally did get in, I wasn't on the roster for today, so they sent me home - and the best thing is, because it's their screw up, I'm probably gonna get paid for it! Hurrah! So anyway, since I was already out of the house, I took advantage of the fact that the weather had improved from yesterday (it was actually pretty sunny this morning) and took a bus to St James's Park, and sat there with a cup of tea and a scone with jam and cream, and looked out over the pond. I love sitting outside the coffee shop in the park. You can see Westminster and the eye, and in front of them the park has a beautiful lake with wildlife and a fountain and loads of trees. Because it's a bit lower than the road you can't really hear the traffic. It was lovely. So I read some of Ansichten eines Clowns, the Boell text I have to read for Monday, and called my Mum and Dad and had a nice long chat. The weather was all crisp and wintry, and there wasn't much wind, so whilst it was cool, it wasn't cold. It was great. And I just feel so happy now. I love London.

I have to say though, if it makes me that happy that I didn't have to go to work, maybe I need to start looking for a different job...


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