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Jan. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm
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icon meme stolen from tree_and_leaf )
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I've come to realise recently that some people on LJ see the whole thing very differently to me. I see the point of having friends on my f-list as a group of people who I possibly have a common interest with, or just generally found nice/interesting and added, and some of them added me back, and the point of reading their entries is to find out interesting things and to occasionally contribute something to them. I don't see it as my 'duty' to comment. I don't believe my LJ friends should feel obliged to comment back. It's nice to hear from you all sometimes, but if I don't I'm not offended. Some LJ-ers expect constant contribution, or they de-friend... I don't quite get that. I don't think I've ever de-friended someone. Even if I don't read every entry someone posts, I still read some of them. I guess I'm just pretty laid-back when it comes to the old f-list.

What do you guys all think? This isn't meant to be a pointed comment at anyone on my f-list at all, this is just observation from my recent forays into adding comms!

And GIP because Black Books is amazing :)
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I made icons :$

emo revision icons!! I'll be using them but if anyone wants one feel free to make use of them :)


Plus I have new Bill Bailey icons, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] bill_bailey.
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I got a bit carried away with the song title icon meme... You put your music player on shuffle and create an icon for each title that comes up, ad nauseum. So here are mine:
GIP behind the cut )

Song titles are 'Who am I' by Will Young, 'A Case of You' by Joni Mitchell (although I think it may have been the Tori Amos version that came up, I've got both), 'I had a drink about you last night' by The Uncle Devil Show, 'Wishing I was there' by Natalie Imbruglia, '4U' by my Dad!, and 'Glistening Sands' by Dan Gibson.
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I really love just going through London on a bus and spotting things that make me smile. I got a lot of that on the no.8 through St Paul's / Threadneedle street today - I really should go back and take pictures! There's a ruined church with vines growing in a garden inside very close to St Paul's, and a beautiful fountain a bit closer to Holborn. Plus the Royal Exchange is an amazing building! I've never really looked at it before. Yay. I love London. I really need a London icon...

Delved into my picture collection from the last few weeks and made a London icon! Hurrah :) It's a slightly blurry view of Holborn station at night.
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Hooray! I'm finished! (Well, finished with revision... I have one more exam, but I can't revise for it, so it's all good) Now I can make icons :) Like this one! From the Corrinne Bailey Rae concert I saw in Sheperd's Bush, hehe :)

yay, finished!


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