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Reasons why I need Trev to be with me, here:
- to remind me why being with him is way better than crushing on random Danish guys...
- to give me a hug when I'm feeling down
- to stop me from feeling like a socially-inept giraffe
- to motivate me when I'm feeling useless
- to give me someone to talk to about things I can't tell anyone here

Is it bad that I feel so lost when he's not around, unable to sort these things out on my own? Is that a sign I'm too dependant on him, or is that perfectly acceptable in a relationship? I never know...

I really need to write a song right now.
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five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes....

that's how i want to measure this year
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Keep my flower safe, my love
Let it not lose its bloom and fade.
Now in your hands I leave it safe
To flourish;
It is mine no more.

Give me your hand and make me yours
Once more
When darkness falls each night
I will not leave as morning's light
Steals shadows from the night's embrace.

Oh, do not let the petals fall
Do not, in quiet moment, leave
And let its fertile blossom droop
(I cannot stand to see you hurt)
Please do not let it blow away?

Be still, my love, be still and calm
And storms will not steal stem or leaf
My flower, safe, lies in your arms
And I am here; let us just be.


Meh. Lit. is a good class for writing pretentious poetry.


Feb. 2nd, 2006 01:20 am
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Life is like looking through the bottom of a glass
It depends which one you look through

The world is full of angles and curves
Distorted through our experiences

When a perspective changes
Sight is a whole new thing
More whole than before, perhaps, or just through a different cup

I feel now like I am on a glass-bottomed boat
And my perspective twists and shifts daily in the storms of the ocean of life
And all I can do is gaze at the new images I am exposed to

I can't do anything, a lot of the time
But I'm still here
I'll always be here

I just wanted you to know.


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