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Probably TMI to the nth degree, but I need to rant... )

In other news, I've been making random lists of things I'm going to do once I've finished. It keeps me entertained hehe :) I'm going to attempt to make a set of LJ icons for each of my interests... that should keep me busy for a while!

Also, anybody who can listen to BBC radio, tune into Radio 6 between 7 and 9 and you will hear my sister playing live on Tom Robinson's show! Woo :)
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emo-ness that I'll probably private-lock soon )
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Ergh... I vowed I would finish this essay tonight. Well, since the sun is now coming up and I've still got 800 words or so to go, and my ability to concentrate for longer than 3 minutes without procrastinating left me about the same time as I finished GCSEs, I think I'll be revising that to 'I will finish this before I'll allow myself to sleep'. I don't care what it actually says any more, I've still got to translate the bloody thing into German anyway, but if I don't finish it now then I won't get started on the next one tomorrow, and then I am screwed. So ergh. And yes, I am very bad, and am writing my essays in English and then translating into German. But I do at least now have a German housemate to check them over for me, so hopefully they'll at least make a small amount of sense... lalalalala, am ignoring the fact that I still have two to write. La.
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This is so pointless... I've had the least productive day ever. My phone randomly reset itself to English time last night so I missed my class - the first of the new semester. Not an auspicious start. Then I went food shopping but bought hardly anything, and ate rice and soy sauce for dinner which was highly unsatisfying but I can't be bothered with cooking, or even eating. And I have just laid around for the rest of the day, and haven't even unpacked since Wednesday or sorted out my room or anything. And just to make me feel lazier, Jane only got back last night and she's already gone to the gym. Possibly twice. I just feel lazy and demotivated and flabby. Eergh.

Maybe I'll go unpack? I say that but I don't suppose I'll actually do it...
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moaniness behind the cut! )

At least I have two weeks off :) And as soon as I've done the chores I can go and enjoy them! Yay!


Feb. 8th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Internet works, but only one of us can use it at a time - apparently in Alice-Logic, if you sign up for a wireless internet contract, you have of course requested that the modem be something that only one person at a time can use. I really should have taken the hint from the name at the beginning... everything has been getting 'contrarier and contrarier' since then!

So I am going to buy a joint modem/router tomorrow. Another hour or two out of my revision time (it's already taken me 5 hours today...).

I'm going to make fudge now.
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General moaning here )
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Eergh, I feel pretty horrible. I have had far too little sleep and done far too much driving this week. I need another holiday now. Ick. I can't be bothered to go into details as to just WHY I had to do so much driving, but it twice resulted in only getting 5 or so hours sleep, and now I've pulled a muscle in my foot from sitting in a traffic jam (and putting the clutch up and down) for two hours. My head hurts. My throat hurts. I'm just really really hoping that it's just because I'm tired, because someone I know has glandular fever, and I really don't want to have caught THAT. I keep feeling slightly like I'm floating, though. Ick.

Don't worry Alexa, I think I'll be fine once I've had some sleep!

Meh, anyways, my throat hurting wasn't helped by working seven hours today. However, it was necessary, because I had an appraisal today and I didn't know what time it would be, so I couldn't cancel one of the shifts. I passed, anyway, so I get a pay rise. Yay! So now I get £8.73 an hour at evenings and weekends, and £7.00 in the day. So that means that my 7 hours today earned me about £55 as opposed to £51. Which is actually a pretty good improvement when you consider it on a monthly basis. Hurrah. I'm working 14 hours this week and 21 next week, and then hopefully 31.5 the two weeks after that, so that should earn me about £785 this month. Which will definitely help the overdraft situation. I should still finish in the black, which means I can go to Berlin and not have to get a job. Which will be nice.

My Grandad went back to New Zealand today. He hasn't changed since I last saw him, when I was 13. I hope I can go over there once I've finished my degree. I want to see all my relatives, and none of them can really afford to come over here that much - exchange rates really don't allow for it. I wish that he'd never gone over there, though, because he was always my favourite grandparent when I was small, and he still is - I just don't see him enough to have that much of a relationship with him now. I've always felt kind of guilty about him going, because I know my parents tried to persuade him out of it, and I've always wondered if I'd asked him not to go, he would have decided to stay. I think he thought my parents had some kind of ulterior motive for persuading him to stay - but if I'd asked, maybe it would have made a difference.

But never mind. What's done is done. I'm going to sleep now, because I feel like someone has hit me with a sledgehammer.
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You may remember on Tuesday, I posted because I was annoyed about being the only one to clean the house for the party me and my housemates had that night. I spent 6 hours tidying and cleaning, and putting out all the food etc. So, the party was great, loads of fun, and at the end of the night the girl I'm living with next year (Jane) and I put all the rubbish in bin bags to save doing it in the morning. Since then I have been waiting for my housemates to do the rest of the tidying up. I didn't explicitly tell them it was their job, I just kind of assumed they'd do it, since I did all the preparation. It's now Sunday. Downstairs, the living room is covered in mud and sticky patches on the floor, and still smells of booze. One of my housemates washed up the few bits of glassware we actually used (we were using plastic cups, so that amounted to about 3 mugs and a couple of plates). Other than that, there are cigarette buts on the floor in the other room, leftover bits of bread in the corner, and the rubbish bags that Jane and I filled have just been dumped in the corner rather than taken out to the bins outside. Nobody has even brought in the grill tray from the barbecue, which is covered in meat fat, even though that was the one bit I specifically mentioned to my housemate because I didn't want us to get rats. Even the kitchen that I took hours to clean is covered in crumbs and sticky stuff, because one of my housemates likes to prepare her food directly on the sideboard and not clear up afterwards. I'm a bit pissed off.

My parents are arriving tonight to put down the carpet in the other room. So guess who now has to do all the tidying up? Me. Or I'll get it in the neck from them. I can't fucking WAIT to move to Berlin, and be free of all of this. I'm just glad I'm going on holiday on Tuesday and my sister is moving in after that. At least then it won't be just my responsibility to make sure the bloody house is clean.

I hate conflict and so I really don't want to have to bring this up with my housemates, but to be honest I think I may have to. I'm quite tempted to just leave them a note, but I don't know whether it might be just easier to do the cleaning and swallow my annoyance than to create bad feeling. Any suggestions as to how to handle this would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm spending the day tidying the house and my room for the party tonight. Bit pissed off, because both my housemates have buggered off (well, Emily has a legitimate reason, Sarah's just disappeared) so I'm doing all the house sorting on my own. Including taking down their washing, and doing 3 days worth of washing up, only some of which is mine. Grr. They'd better do cleaning up tomorrow. The party is going to be fun though, if I'm not too pissed off by the time it actually happens to enjoy myself. It doesn't help that I've only had four hours sleep because I got up at a ridiculous time this morning to go to Tesco's and get stuff (We now have copious amounts of alcohol. Yay!)

Meh, enough moaning. On with the cleaning.


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