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Oh, I am seriously the QUEEN of procrastination. I don't even want to type how much I still have to write before Tuesday at 4. Bloody hell.... sooner or later what I need to say will all come together in my head, and then I can make it make sense on paper, but until them I'm screwed. Summarising each section is helping though. I just always know that if I allowed more time to write essays, I could write them much better. But on the other hand, no matter how much time I allow myself, I always seem to end up procrastinating until the very last minute. So maybe I'm just incapable of writing essays in plenty of time? Blergh.

On the other hand, I got an A on one of the essays I've already had back, and an A+ on the other, and I wrote both of those overnight and at the last minute, so maybe writing stuff like that just works for me? It's definitely not good for my peace of mind though... :/ Meh.

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Jan. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm
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Agh! I can't believe it's the 5th of September and I still haven't finished my second essay! I also don't understand how I can both panic like a headless chicken AND procrastinate simultaneously... what is wrong with me? Seriously! This is beyond ridiculous. So. Tonight, I am finishing essay number two. I don't care how long it takes. And tomorrow, I need to read the whole of Böll's 'Der Zug war pünktlich' and plan my final essay, and preferably write a good chunk of it as well. If anyone happens to have read the book already and wants to give me their thoughts, I would be most appreciative...

In summary: I am an idiot and should have written these essays two months ago.
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When will I learn to do things before the absolute last minute?! Or even after that...? I am writing my presentation for tomorrow morning. I have yet to watch the whole film. I have yet to read all of the information. I have yet to write a handout. I have yet to work out anything coherent to say in English, never mind in German. And I am bright red from my tour today, and I only earned €20.

Once tomorrow is over, I will be so relieved!
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I should really be writing my presentation for tomorrow, but never mind... instead I'm browsing The Pier website for bed linen and bathroom products and furniture.  Oh, I wish I had money to make my house look all pretty in September!  Some of the furniture I've got there is still flat pack stuff I've had since I was 10, and I'm getting a bit fed up with it really... oh well.  I still plan on making it look a lot more 'grown-up' when I get back, since I will have a living room as well as a bedroom and so on, and no housemates other than Trev!  I'm really looking forward to it. 

I'm also sitting around in my flat waiting for a guy to come who is interested in playing in my band, which should be interesting.  I wanted to get everyone together at once but it just didn't work out today, so I'll just have to find a different time when we're all free.  C'est la vie!

Also, in the spirit of procrastination )
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There's quite a lot of things I really want to do in life, and I've been trying to work out recently how to make them compatible.

Fairly lengthy, so cut to avoid f-list killing! )
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1. Food is very important. If you feel the slightest hunger pang, make food. Preferably something involved and time consuming, or sweet, so that you will have to get more food quickly. Suggestions include making homemade soup, eating chocolate, making cups of tea, trying to open jars you have had in the cupboard for weeks because you can't open them.

2. The internet is a great source of procrastination. Read the news for countries you don't live in. Update facebook, particularly with those applications that involve questionnaires. Do memes. Reread that epic fanfiction tome that you last read 3 years ago and found pretty awful then. Sign up for websites you would probably otherwise have forgotten about. Suggestions include: newspapers, dieting sites, Q&A forums.

3. Plan what you are going to do after the exam/essay writing (or source of procrastination, fill in applicably) is over. Exercise and food plans, including recipes and places you could join to do the exercises, are particularly recommended due to their time-consuming nature.

4. Shop online. Threadless is particularly good, as going through all the t-shirts on offer takes up a nice chunk of time. iTunes is also particularly good, because you forget how much you are spending, AND you can then listen through all the music afterwards.

5. Make lists. Particularly lists telling everyone else how to procrastinate.

6. Repeat.
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This site is really interesting:

It's basically a website for the bits of paper you find in the street, at work, at uni - wherever - that people have sent in. A lot of them are funny or moving or just plain weird, but this place is fantastic for flights of fancy.

I'm not making much sense, I know... it's been a long day! But meh, go read. It's a worthwhile distraction. My new icon (hee :) ) is from there.


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