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Just realised I forgot to post about this, because I was too busy being angry... but on Wednesday, whilst I was doing my tour, I saw both President Obama and the President of Mexico! They both went past in their armoured cars, so I was about 10m away from them. It was kind of amazing... London was CRAZY on Wednesday. My tourists got some lovely pictures posing with the riot police though...
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I found out today that John Barrowman lives in my building! How cool is that?

...That is my news for the day.
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Apparently, in the world of Anna, all academia is now somehow related to Berlin history. Because every time I start making essay notes, half of the random thoughts my brain provides me with go along the lines of 'David Lynch offers no official interpretation of Mulholland Drive - much like Peter Eisenmann and the Holocaust Memorial'! I think I could write a great essay connecting the film to Berlin, if it wasn't for the fact that the two things are completely unrelated...
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Somebody in my building has had amazing orgasms at least three times this week so far... and they're not afraid who knows it. Honestly, you'd think if you knew you lived in a block where every sound is multiplied and echoed by the courtyard to everyone else in the building, you'd make sure you closed the windows before having sex? I guess they must just be really exhibitionist....

I was going to type something else but the 'uh... oh... ooh...uh' is really distracting!!
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A spam email with a weird subject heading arrived in my inbox just now, and I thought 'I do get some frightfully odd emails sometimes.'

Since when did my inner voice start talking like an aging member of the aristocracy?
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Thinking about long distance relationships, and people who fall in love online and then meet in person, had me wondering if anyone had ever fallen in love AND got married online before even meeting.

It took me 10 minutes of googling to find this:

Well, now we know!!

My google searching also made me realise just how many people are incapable of spelling 'serial killer'... I think 'cereal killer' was my favourite!
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I realised that all I've talked about for aaages is uni, so I thought I'd write something about other, possibly more interesting things that I've got going on atm:

  • I'm going back to London on Saturday and staying for a whole month with Trev (hooray!) Going to try and get a job too, because if I can get temp work doing telesales in German, I can earn loads : - like, a grand in 3 weeks, which would be pretty nice. Especially when I'm only paying rent in Berlin!

  • I'm going into the studio in Hampshire on Wednesday to put down the 3 songs I've written since I last recorded - a pitiful number really, since I last recorded about a year ago, but it's better than nothing. So my myspace may actually get an update for once! It might actually be 4 songs by then if the one I half wrote the other night gets finished in the next two days - but I'll be keyboard-less in London so I won't be writing anything there. Oh well. I plan to look for a band, anyway, to get some gigs in at the end of the month. I hope that actually works out, it would be really fun!

  • The Danish guy I did my last presentation with is really, really cute. Which is a sign I need to go back to London and spend time with Trev, I'm obviously suffering from boy-withdrawal!! He wants to play guitar for me when I try and put together a band here in April though, which would be cool because he's a pretty good guitarist.

  • I plan on spending lots of time cooking in London. I've really got into it recently, and especially if I'm cooking for two people rather than just me, it's fun to try out new and interesting things :) So I might put up photos if I make anything that actually looks edible (I have a tendency to go for taste before appearance... which I suppose is actually no bad thing, but still!)

OK, enough of the lists, that's about it on the interesting things front. Apart from the fact that I've discovered I can charm people at parties here by telling them I live opposite the russian disco (which is true). Seems to make them suddenly think I'm waaaaay cooler than I actually am... heh.
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One of my teachers from secondary school just added me on facebook. It turns out loads of them are on there! How... bizarre. Now I'm quite tempted to add them... heh
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Random kids are finding it amusing to call me from an unidentified number and ask me silly questions... I am beginning to wonder if my cousins have a hand in this (after all, last year the oldest (11!) called me at four in the morning and said 'Hi, it's Hallam.... (big pause, giggling from friends) I think you're fit!') Maybe they've learned that, when making prank calls, introducing yourself is not a good idea?!? Hmm....W


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