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So, two courses down, two to go! Woo, go me! Fortunately, the two down are the two I had previously done the least on. So I'm going to work for another three hours tonight on the third one, which should hopefully bring me up to nearly done on that one, finish it off tomorrow, and start the last one tomorrow afternoon to finish on the plane etc (it has the most transportable Reader, heh - the only one that's actually bound!). So I'm beginning to feel more positive about the exams.

My only fear is if they really DON'T let me use a bilingual dictionary for the second exam (one seminar Prof gave permission, the other didn't - but he's out of the country now so I'm taking it anyway). This is not so much for the writing, because I've only got 90 minutes for four questions so that's not much time for dictionary use. It's more that if there's a word in the question I don't understand, then I'm royally screwed. And since the example question one of my lecture profs gave as a throwaway example in our last lecture was one whose main word I didn't understand, I'm a little bit scared...

Oh well. If that happens I'll just write what I've guessed the word to mean at the top of the essay, write 'I'm an Erasmus student' in big letters and then do it that way!

I still don't understand a system that chooses to have exams in February... it's the most depressing month of the year! Why?!?

Also, more weirdness - my uni supposedly has one of the best German departments in the UK. (According to the Guardian, in any case). So how come it subscribes to neither 'German Studies Review' or 'Modern Languages Review'? Literally half the useful looking articles I find are in those two journals... aaagh!
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moaning behind cut. you have been warned. )

Can't I just fall asleep and wake up on Saturday?

Oh dear. My moaning tag has been used more than most of the others. I smell.
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So. One day of revision left until the big rush. I'm feeling fairly prepared, but just thought I should warn you all that I may be posting messages of increasing despair over the next week, which you should all ignore completely because this time next week I will be feeling much better :) I'm just allergic to exams, heh. Actually, it's weird; it's not that I'm afraid of exams - I don't come out with the shakes when I enter the exam hall or anything. I just feel very very very bored. I sit down, look at the paper, and think 'Oh God, do I have to? I really can't be bothered with this!' And then I have to physically force myself to write. It's horrible.

Heh, I've started with the 'I-hate-exams' posts already, it seems. So, um... apologies in advance!

Of course, any consolation you feel like offering would be much appreciated... or just virtual cups of coffee, heh.
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I am procrastinating (yes, staying off LJ only lasted 4 days... but they were productive!) and reading through all my entries. Even as far back as the beginning of February, almost every entry mentions revision or essays to some extent. So I think it's time to take stock, and think about something other than exams. I've already posted my resolutions for the summer, but I stopped having time to do my monthly resolutions post a while back, and I want to start again.

This is what I posted back in December )

This is what I'm going to do in May, therefore:

May )

So. Let the crossing off begin! (Well... once I've finished the week of doom, anyway. I have 2 exams on Tuesday, and then one every day for the rest of the week. Yuck!)
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Once I've finished writing this, I'm closing all windows on my laptop, turning it off, unplugging it, and putting it in it's case, under my desk. Possibly under a large pile of books. I'm going to feel lost without it, I know, but revision NEEDS to come first. Especially if I want to GET a first. I've done nothing today, because all I do is procrastinate on LJ, facebook, myspace, nationstates, channel 4 games... and begin again. So it's bye bye LJ for a while. I'll probably check in once a day to keep up with people, but probably from my phone, so comments may not be forthcoming for a couple of weeks!

Any of you who would ever possibly need it have my mobile number already... everyone else, see you on the other side!
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Today's revision sesh with Dana in the park was actually pretty productive. Revising with someone else there who is pretty studious actually makes me want to revise, just so as not to embarrass myself, so I did about 6 full sides of A4 on Brussig's Sonnenallee! We sat in the park for a bit and then went to the Fat Cat and got coffee and sat there for about 2 hours. It was nice. And it's so good to have a native speaker there to explain words I don't understand - particularly when the only words I don't get are ones which she didn't know either! Does wonders for the self esteem, heee :)

I'm being so lazy at the moment though. I can't be bothered to cook tonight (or last night, or the night before, or the night before that...) so I'm getting pizza - AGAIN. It's partly just because I'm knackered, though - I keep getting tired really quickly (think it's cos I was ill for so long over Easter and then got no sleep during the play week) and I went back to work tonight, so I was out of the house for about 9 hours. Now I just want to collapse but I should finish off my work on Sonnenallee tonight.

I also have to audition for The Promise tomorrow (Scout band for the centenary) and I still don't know what to sing. The stupid thing is, actually they all know I can sing, because they've all heard my recordings of the songs they're using for the band, so auditioning is really pointless. If they don't find anyone else, they'll make me be in the band, unless they decide it's too political to have the daughter of the music organiser for the event in the band. In which case they won't. So they might as well take the decision without me being there! Stupid Scout Association. Guides are so much better :)

Speaking of Guides, I realised today how much I'm going to miss not going on camp this summer. It's going to be the first year I won't be on camp since I was 13. As I was walking back from Trev's this morning, it was sunny with a light breeze and it just felt exactly like early mornings in Iceland, when I stepped out of the tent and the wind came off the lake and the sun was shining. I definitely need to find a Pfadfindergruppe in Berlin. I wanna go on camp again! And be in Guiding again! And finish my warrant... oops.

Daria and me are going to Casa Blue next week. Yay, mojitos! And Brick Lane :) Hee.
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So. I'm really rather unprepared for exams. Why do I always do this? I leave everything to the last minute so even if I would have been able to do really well, I can't now. And because I'm a complete perfectionist, I don't consider anything less than an A 'doing well'.

At least I got an A on 3 out of my 5 essays, so that's set me up a bit for the exams. But still. Eergh.

I have an absolutely streaming cold, which is going to stop me from working tomorrow, too. I realised I've actually been ill or semi-ill for about 6 weeks now... am beginning to wonder if I should stop ignoring it. And I have wisdom teeth coming through. Yuck.

Anyway, here's my plan for the next 3 weeks:

This week: revise post 1945 (today, Thursday, Friday), cinema (tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

Next week: revise Nibelungenlied (Tuesday, Wednesday) realism (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Week after:
Monday: go over cinema and Nibelungenlied
Tuesday (night): go over post 1945
Wednesday: grammar revision (in depth!!!)
Thursday: go over realism
Friday: breathe!!
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Poetry revision!

And then I'm done :)
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So, I'm still trying to finish my springtime gen fic.... was supposed to email it a week ago, got an extension til yesterday, and last night realised what I had was CRAP and rewrote the whole thing. But at least this hasn't turned into the marathon that springsmut did, heh. I should be done fairly soon. But after this I'm sticking to Yuletide, because I actually don't think I can write Harry Potter any more... I haven't read the books in about a year and I've read so much fanfic that I can't remember what's canon and what's not, half the time. Meh. Tis a tad worrying that I actually started DREAMING fic last night, though... Sirius Remus genfic, where they set up a house together. It was fluffy. I don't really remember much more!

In RL news, I am going to be a model! Hurrah! Got spotted outside Topshop on Oxford Street by one of the scouts that always stand outside there, and they sent me for a photoshoot on Tuesday which was fantastic (and free) so hopefully I'm now going to get some work out of this. Yay. That forced me to get my nails done, too, and they're so long and pretty :) hee.

Gosh, this post is girly. And I just typed gosh. I may be doomed.

In other matters, I need to revise rather desperately. Plan for self-reference is beneath cut, because if I post this to LJ I can fool myself that I'm doing something.

revision la la la )

Oh, the joy.
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I lied. Sorry. It's all behind the cut, though. You know, maybe I'm actually trying to prove by all this that I've actually done something this year...

On vampires, bald and phallic... )

On small lost girls and photos of the sea... )

Woah. I could write a dissertation on this stuff.... well, if I had time to do more research I could, anyway. I seriously want to do my 3rd year stuff on cinema. I love this stuff, it's SO interesting. And in 3rd year it'll be the East/West course, which will be sooooooooo interesting.

I cannot believe I've finished my 1st year at uni next Friday. So strange. And the bad thing is, I came to uni thinking 'so long as I have a good experience I don't mind if I don't get a first'.....

but now I really want to get a first AND have a good time....

I have set myself quite a task, methinks...
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Oh how I hate it when I'm supposed to know about small chunks of other people's literature to understand what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong - I like to understand, and I like to read the background stuff, but I like to read it PROPERLY. Rather than saying 'Kant said this:"[futile attempt to sum up Kant's whole philosophy in three sentences]" so Kleist wrote about this:'

It annoys me. Because obviously from that I don't understand Kant's theory properly and therefore I cannot truly understand Kleist's take on it, but I don't have the time or the resources to look up what Kant actually meant. But we don't have a German philosophy course. Grr. The same goes with Freud's take on Hoffmann. OK, fair enough, I get the whole castration complex thing and the eyes, but honestly. Can we not take a little longer to look at these things? Stupid racing-through-German-literary-history course. Meh.

At least next year I get to do things PROPERLY. I get to read stuff in more depth. It should actually be good. I hope, at any rate....


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