Apr. 12th, 2009 04:20 pm
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Shameless plugging ahead...

I've finally updated my myspace with the fully produced tracks that I recorded at Rockfield studios!! They were produced by the amazing Mood Bungalow and (if I do say so myself) they sound wicked :D I would absolutely LOVE it if you could go listen and give me your thoughts (Seriously, any thoughts at all that you might just have - if you don't like something, tell me!)

My myspace is:

let me know what you think :)


Aug. 22nd, 2008 01:04 pm
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I just had a bit of a paradigm shift in mood. And I realised that my final year at uni is going to be amazing. I have the world laid out for me. I've already got a gig lined up, I know where I can get more. I'm going to direct an amazing play which will go down in German Society history, at least for the shock factor! (We want to do Justine del Corte's Sex, hehe... I know, I know, I am a small child) As soon as I get back to England (or maybe even before) I'm going to go on an incredible song-writing binge. And even if the essays I'm writing right now get shitty marks, I can still get a first at the end of my degree. Sometimes I still appreciate being able to deal with complicated formulas: I just put all my marks and some fairly pessimistic predictions for what I'm going to get for the rest of my degree into the formula they use for calculating your final grade, and it came out as about 73%. Which is a first! So yay. Not that I'm going to slack, but it makes me feel a bit happier in any case. So hooray for that.

I'm feeling pretty happy right now.
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I got two skirts and a necklace from C&A yesterday for under €20. Result!

I realised today as I was walking through Alexanderplatz that I would actually happily come back and live in Berlin again in the future. I think the difference between Berlin and London for me is that, although I love London and get a great buzz from living there, I always feel slightly in awe of the fact that I do. I never quite feel like I'm part of the place, more like I'm a constant fly-on-the-wall observing how amazing and busy it all is. In Berlin, I feel like I'm part of it all, like I'm not just existing here but both giving and taking something from the city. There's a sense of community here. It's a really nice feeling. I think that it's maybe that that makes people come here for two days and leave four years later. It's pretty amazing.

I am also very annoyed right now, because my voice has been dead for about three weeks now. I can't actually produce any note higher than an F above middle C when singing, and I sound like I've been chain-smoking for 50 years anyway. It's ridiculous. And even worse, I'm supposed to be singing at my party in a week and a half, and there's going to be a load of music biz people there, and I think I'm going to sound so stupid. So I'm kind of worried about the whole thing. I also don't really want to end up with nodules - for one thing Julian (my singing teacher) would kill me. Ergh. I think I'm just going on total voice maintenance from now until next Saturday - no alcohol, only drinking water, vocalzones, and steaming with tea tree oil twice a day. Hopefully that will help a bit.
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Oh wow... I think I've got it. I think I've got THE song that's going to make me.

Except right now I've only got the chorus... it all hangs in the balance. More news later!
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Insecurity... )

I am actually really hopeful for this band thing - I think it'll be great to get gigs and so on. I just wish I didn't feel like I'm pretending to be part of the cool crowd and that sooner or later they're going to notice and drop me.
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I got the job! Or at least, I'm learning the script now, and in a couple of weeks I'll do an audition tour, and so long as that goes OK I'm in. So fingers crossed :) And I was at a birthday party this evening where they happened to have a piano. When I asked about it, my friend said I could play it if I wanted to, so I just played one of my songs. I wasn't really intending that people listened, I was just enjoying playing a real piano for once, but at the end quite a few people clapped and asked who it was by because they liked it, and were really surprised when I said me! So I'm happy :)

New Songs!

Mar. 8th, 2008 08:53 pm
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The results of my recording session on Wednesday are now up on my myspace! Which is here: Anna's Myspace!. Go have a listen and let me know what you think! The first two songs listed have been up a while, the other four are all brand new :)
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Ooh ooh ooh! I wrote half a song! Which may not sound like much, but when all you've written is shite for 6 months you thank God for small mercies :)

Maybe I should get semi-drunk more often (this as oppose to completely, crash-out-as-soon-as-you-hit-the-bed drunk. Which happens more often. I'm not an alcoholic, I'm an erasmus student!!)

I realise I am giving a bad impression, so good night!
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Haven't posted song lyrics in AAAges... or poetry. So since I wrote two songs over Easter (and can't sing them write now because my voice is GONE! *sob*) I thought I'd post them here :)

Behind the cut because otherwise this would be super long! )

OK, so there are a few confusing lyrics. I need to tighten up the first bridge of smile, and work on Waiting to be told a bit more, because a lot of it doesn't make that much sense right now. But considering I hadn't written anything since October, I feel really quite productive!
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Every so often, I like to look back through my LJ and see what I was thinking a year ago, and then two years ago, and so on. Today I dug out my handwritten journal, which I haven't used in ages, and did the same thing. It's kind of interesting. In LJ, I was saying pretty much the same thing a year ago as I am today!

20/2/2006: - 'Essays make Anna go aaaaargh'
20/2/2005: - I was talking about lacking in self-confidence, and stressing about how my songs were crap. And going to uni open days. Funny, although I still stress about the same things, I think I have moved on from there emotionally. Which is nice to know. Although it may be that I simply have different things to worry about!

I didn't write an entry on the 20/2/2004 - although judging from the closest entry, which is the 23/2, that was because I was in gang show at the time and therefore not actually anywhere near a computer. Gosh, gang show seems YEARS ago. Well, it was 3, I suppose. That's quite scary.

In my personal journal I didn't write anything on the 20/2/2006, but on the 18th, I was worrying about Trev... for pretty much the exact same reasons as this year. Ah well, I guess some things never change. The year before, the closest date I wrote on was the 27th, about how I liked the snow that had been falling, about open days, about talking to guys with some semblance of confidence (heh) and about Dido and Aeneas and the party at Hannah's... actually, that was a good party. My second year at college was pretty good, all things considered.

My journal doesn't go back any further than that - or rather, it does, but in another notebook, which is under my bed at my parent's house. That one goes back to the age of 12 or so, hehe.

And as for today? I was at a rehearsal for music theatre earlier, and have only got to write another 1000 words on my essay. Although I think I may end up going over the word count, which is weird, cos everyone else has had problems reaching it. This poetry essay is the only one I've written that I actually feel is good, though, so I'm feeling happy about it. Just got to finish it now. And I ate a Marks and Sparks ready meal, mmm, and bought strawberry tarts for me and Trev. Yum. And once I've handed in the essays tomorrow, I can go to the German play rehearsals and enjoy myself, and RELAX, and go to the pub afterwards... and all the stress will melt away.

Tomorrow is New Start Wednesday. And it's going to be good :)

Also, I've uploaded some new songs to my myspace, which is here:

Go listen and let me know what you think!


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