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I made decent money today! Hooray!

In other news, I'm taking an internet hiatus for a week, to try and rescue my creativity, destress, and sort a few personal things out. So I'll still be checking my email but I won't be reading my f-list or posting until next Tuesday. Hope you all have fun for a week and I don't miss any exciting drama! *g*
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I'm feeling pretty nervous now; I have my first tour on Wednesday morning! Hope I don't bugger it up... I feel like I've forgotten the tour already!

In other news, I randomly decided to apply to a few casting calls for presenting jobs and things like that, for the fun of it, on an agency website I joined ages ago. Imagine my surprise when I got an email today inviting me to a casting in Old Street on Saturday! Shame I'm in Berlin, or I would have actually gone... I guess that means come September it's worth applying to some more!
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Eergh, I feel pretty horrible. I have had far too little sleep and done far too much driving this week. I need another holiday now. Ick. I can't be bothered to go into details as to just WHY I had to do so much driving, but it twice resulted in only getting 5 or so hours sleep, and now I've pulled a muscle in my foot from sitting in a traffic jam (and putting the clutch up and down) for two hours. My head hurts. My throat hurts. I'm just really really hoping that it's just because I'm tired, because someone I know has glandular fever, and I really don't want to have caught THAT. I keep feeling slightly like I'm floating, though. Ick.

Don't worry Alexa, I think I'll be fine once I've had some sleep!

Meh, anyways, my throat hurting wasn't helped by working seven hours today. However, it was necessary, because I had an appraisal today and I didn't know what time it would be, so I couldn't cancel one of the shifts. I passed, anyway, so I get a pay rise. Yay! So now I get £8.73 an hour at evenings and weekends, and £7.00 in the day. So that means that my 7 hours today earned me about £55 as opposed to £51. Which is actually a pretty good improvement when you consider it on a monthly basis. Hurrah. I'm working 14 hours this week and 21 next week, and then hopefully 31.5 the two weeks after that, so that should earn me about £785 this month. Which will definitely help the overdraft situation. I should still finish in the black, which means I can go to Berlin and not have to get a job. Which will be nice.

My Grandad went back to New Zealand today. He hasn't changed since I last saw him, when I was 13. I hope I can go over there once I've finished my degree. I want to see all my relatives, and none of them can really afford to come over here that much - exchange rates really don't allow for it. I wish that he'd never gone over there, though, because he was always my favourite grandparent when I was small, and he still is - I just don't see him enough to have that much of a relationship with him now. I've always felt kind of guilty about him going, because I know my parents tried to persuade him out of it, and I've always wondered if I'd asked him not to go, he would have decided to stay. I think he thought my parents had some kind of ulterior motive for persuading him to stay - but if I'd asked, maybe it would have made a difference.

But never mind. What's done is done. I'm going to sleep now, because I feel like someone has hit me with a sledgehammer.

Poppy Day

Nov. 11th, 2006 01:28 am
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I'm sat here listening to my sister's song for Remembrance Day - never fails to make me cry :'(. It feels so wrong this year, that it's now November the 11th and yet I haven't seen a single poppy seller all week to actually buy a poppy from. Apparently the British Legion doesn't have enough poppy sellers - I actually think I'm going to go sign up for next year. Oh wait, I'm in Berlin. Ok, so I'll do it the year after. But still, it's so sad that apparently people now see the poppies as some kind of political statement. I have always thought they were one of the few things without any kind of bias - they don't advocate war, just commemorate people who died in situations where they were just trying to do the right thing, whether that turned out to BE the right thing or not. And the money from the sale goes to helping those injured or left behind, regardless of race or faith or anything else. What could possibly be wrong with that? The way everything has to be a debate these days makes me so annoyed sometimes.

It's like at work. )

Sorry for ranting. My job can be really rewarding, but sometimes it really shakes my faith in humanity.


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