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I'm not going to be around too much for the next week or so, I would say - don't really have internet at home right now and I've got so much on anyway that I've barely got time to go near a computer! The only reason I'm on right now is to 'revise' (ie procrastinate) for my oral exam on Thursday... eergh. That is, the 40 minute oral exam that is worth the same as my whole FIRST YEAR. Yes, I am scared!
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I made decent money today! Hooray!

In other news, I'm taking an internet hiatus for a week, to try and rescue my creativity, destress, and sort a few personal things out. So I'll still be checking my email but I won't be reading my f-list or posting until next Tuesday. Hope you all have fun for a week and I don't miss any exciting drama! *g*
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Once I've finished writing this, I'm closing all windows on my laptop, turning it off, unplugging it, and putting it in it's case, under my desk. Possibly under a large pile of books. I'm going to feel lost without it, I know, but revision NEEDS to come first. Especially if I want to GET a first. I've done nothing today, because all I do is procrastinate on LJ, facebook, myspace, nationstates, channel 4 games... and begin again. So it's bye bye LJ for a while. I'll probably check in once a day to keep up with people, but probably from my phone, so comments may not be forthcoming for a couple of weeks!

Any of you who would ever possibly need it have my mobile number already... everyone else, see you on the other side!


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