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Today's was that my mother has surprisingly more conservative views than I ever thought. Funny really, that just because she never thought to mention certain things she disapproves of, I grew up really very open-minded, and now I keep getting surprised when I bring things up in conversation that I have no problem with and she gets all conservative! Ah well. We all choose our own path sooner or later, I suppose.

I wrote a long and angst filled post about birthdays etc yesterday, and then realised that it was a load of wank that nobody (including myself in days to come) would want to read, so I got rid of it and set about something more productive instead. So I have had rather a good day, all told. I got to play the Sims for a bit (hurrah, I am such a geek) and worked out when I'm going to do all my essay reading over the next few days. I've just started brainstorming for the first of those now, and it's going quite well - the primary material's interesting, and the secondary material so far seems to have been written by very human people (and I do love reading academic stuff written 40 years ago - there's something very warm and fuzzy about the image of old professors wearing tweed and writing about the source author as if he's an old chum). So it should be fun.

My other aim for this weekend is to come up with some meaningful resolutions. I know a couple already, but I'm saving them for the 31st - it means more if I set them in stone then, I think. But I want some to do with personal aims - psychological development, relationship with others, widening my circle of friends and socialising - and some to do with on here - some kind of project I stick to, probably in fandom - and some to do with academia and career - songwriting, academic development, getting more "culture", the german play/singing lessons/music theatre review... anyways, I need to go through and clarify all of those into things I'll vow to stick to. I'm taking it seriously this year. I think it's time to.

On another note (and because everyone else seems to be doing it!) Christmas has been good to me :) I got lots of nice stuff - an 8GB Sony mp3 player (a lot better than an ipod - and it's all shiny and pretty and black! and it shows fireworks on the display screen!), a really good wok, which I needed desperately!, some artwork and a belt from my sis, and some nice stuff for my room at uni - a massive fan from the Pier for my wall, and a really cute ornament of a black cat looking down at a mouse. Plus I got some good books - Colin Thubron's Shadow of the Silk Road, a book on propaganda in the films of Stalin's Russia and Nazi Germany, and a digital photography guide. Oh, and the DVD of Pleasantville - such a good film! Trev bought me an absolutely gorgeous necklace whilst we were in Berlin, too (and a stuffed penguin! It's an in joke...) and I got the usual selection of chocolate and stuff... enough to keep me going for a while. So all has been good at home!

Speaking of Berlin, photos are here, if anyone's interested.
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I have a flat! Finally everything is definitely sorted, the money is paid (I am broke...). Still don't have a full time job - the guy who had promised me work through the languages agency left rather abruptly from what I can tell, and so my cv got lost in the depths of their computer for a while. Grr. Ah well, I am resurrected now, I just have to email them a revamped version of my cv to fit their sensibilities. Hopefully I'll get some work out of that, or out of the Reed website.

Anyways, it is ridiculously too hot here right now. I do appreciate living in an old house - cos it's made of stone, it's nice and cool on the North side :) It's weird how this temperature in France felt just right, but here feels stifling. I suppose it has to do with humidity, or something like that, anyway! I have to babysit tonight, but I think I might spend this afternoon finished sorting my stuff and playing with Sibelius - although I'm not in a composing mood right now (or even a poetry writing mood, which tends to come before I get into a composing mood) - I think it must be the heat! But what I want to do, in any case, is to arrange some of my songs. Or even just one. With accordions and bells and stuff..... it will sound good! Really!


Jun. 27th, 2006 05:36 pm
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I seem to spend all my time at the moment organising things. Organising flats, jobs, my stuff... when am I going to have time to organise my head?!?


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